Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sneak peeks, a little freebie and $1 pixels!

Today was a little frustrating!!!
We have waited weeks to have a new shed installed.
The installers took ages to finally come around, then it rained yesterday morning so they left. Within an hour, the rain had stopped and they could have come back and worked for hours.
They came back today.....and within minutes they discovered that the wrong size had been delivered! After hunting for all the paperwork, I rang the supplier to query it! It turns out we only paid for the smaller one, even though the larger one was ordered. The shop didn't fight it so at least they knew the mistake was theirs. Instead of replacing the few pieces which are too small or too short, they will make an entire new shed!! Now we have to wait another week for the new one to be made and delivered, then we have to try and get the installers back again...what a drama!
Hopefully tomorrow goes a little smoother!

I have not 1...not 2.....but 3 sneak peeks for you! Look out for these on Friday in both my stores. I had a lot of fun making these, and in the future I might even do some more if there is a big demand for a certain colour....perhaps yellow or purple or something else!

It's $1 Tuesday at Gotta Pixel....so for one day only you can get any mini in my Essence collection for $1 each.

I made this little swimming pool for my Turn up the Heat kit, then forget to zip it...so I thought I would offer it up here as a little taste of my work.

Sorry link expired.


S said...

Thank you for the pool, looks perfect for a summer party.

Sue said...

Very cute little pool! Thank you! :)

craftychic said...

Sorry to hear about your shed issue, fingers crossed everything is on a roll tomorrow :) Thank you for the pool Lindsay Jane :)

Gayle said...

Very cute - Thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you.

tmmarx said...

Thanks for the little pool. It will go with lots of summer layouts.

Rinachiyya said...

Thanks so much for the freebie the pool.

Anonymous said...

vielen dank für das tolle freebie.
dein CookedPerfection habe ich mir gekauft, es ist grandios.

liebe grüße