Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bloom and Grow Alpha 2

Yesterday was an exciting day!
It was our 24th wedding anniversary, and I got my new doorway after 5 months of waiting! LOL
Our pantry supplies are all over the house at the moment, so it's a challenge finding what you want sometimes! We still have 2 weeks of chaos until the new kitchen arrives, and during that time we have to pull the old cupboards out and remove the wall and floor tiles. I wish I could click my fingers and have it all finished!

Here's my wonderful new doorway. (Can't believe the old owners of the house lived without a door between the kitchen and family room for 18 years)!

It's $ Tuesday at Gotta Pixel......so you can buy Refresh or Morning Mist page kits for only $2 each, and the matching frames for $1 each....one day only!

I made an alpha for my Bloom and Grow kit, then changed my mind and made another one! Here's the first one....enjoy!

Sorry link expired.

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