Friday, January 21, 2011

New - First Chill....and Retiring Products

This week I have been doing my regular summer thing....designing a winter/snow kit in between swimming and sitting in the air-conditioning! I think designing snow stuff keeps me cool.

Before I show my new First Chill collection, I must tell you about my retiring SALE!
The following products are being cleared out for 50% off....after January 31st, they will be gone forever! Get them at Gotta Pixel or Pickleberrypop.

My P365 is still going well, here's the last few days. I used some packs from my Everyday Life collection, and new templates coming next week.

Seeing the muffin photo made me remember that a few people asked for the recipe.

1 Combine 1/2 cup SR flour, 1/3 cup sugar, 3 tbspn cocoa, lots of large choc chips.
2 Mix 1 egg, 3/4 cup milk, 1/3 cup melted butter together.
3 Stir wet mix into dry.
4 Grease muffin tray (10 regular size).
...Bake for 20 min in moderate (180C) oven!
I make them healthy by adding unprocessed bran with the dry ingredients!

Now here is my new First Chill kit, frames, borders and embossed paperpack.

@ Pickleberrypop and Gotta Pixel

@ Pickleberrypop and Gotta Pixel

@ Pickleberrypop and Gotta Pixel

@ Pickleberrypop and Gotta Pixel

I also made some Snow Borders today - for both 12" square pages and 11" x 8.5" rectangle pages.

@ Pickleberrypop and Gotta Pixel

@ Pickleberrypop and Gotta Pixel

Here's a bonus clustered frame I made to share...have a great weekend!

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Joyce said...

Beautiful !! Thank you so very much !

Cherbear said...

Thank you!

LizJ said...

Thank you for the lovely frame!!

Monica said...

Cute frame, thanks so much :D

cheryl said...

adorable! tysm! =)

craftychic said...

Thank you Lindsay Jane :)

diney said...

This is really pretty, thank you. Thanks for the recipe too. Now I need to go make some!!

Liesel said...


MLA24 said...

Hi your p365 page. This new kit is perfect for may be in the pool, but we're freezing in Nebraska. Thanks for another awesome kit!

Dannethia said...

thank you for the lovely frame. off to check out your sale.

Gayle said...

Awesome frame! Thanks! :)

Lois said...

Well, I tried your muffins and mixed as directed but they were a total bust in my kitchen. Are you sure there isn't any baking powder included?? They didn't rise and tasted pretty nasty. Sure didn't turn out like your picture and didn't taste like the best chocolate muffins I have ever had. :-( Yours looked so good too.... sniff.

Lindsay Jane said...

Should be SR flour, or plain with 1 tspn baking powder...oops!!!

Anonymous said...

thank you for sharing your creations