Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New Pickle Barrel at Pickleberrypop

Have you stopped by at Pickleberrypop yet, and seen what's in the Pickle Barrel?
If not, you need to check it out, I have 6 new packs for only $1 each.
You will see my new collection Beautiful Day in the barrel.

 Here's some inspiration for you.  This collection certainly has a spring feel about it.

You also still have one more day to get a bargain at Gotta Pixel.  Gotta Grab It ends today.

 Here's a quickpage made with Beautiful Day.

Sorry link expired.


Raylene said...

Thanks Lindsay! I love the Pickle Barrel! Great idea!

libbywilko said...

Thanks !

scrapsara said...

definitely one of my favorite QPs that you've made!! thanks :)

Midhila Midzi said...
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Midhila Midzi said...

i jus lov the way u present a paper with creativity