Friday, February 29, 2008

Sports Day Today ........

.....and the winner!

Justin helped captain his team to their 5th consecutive victory. Matthew came second in his 100m sprint while Justin's relay team won their race.
The day starts off with the official championship sprints for the four fastest runners from each house in each year level. All the kids then participate in various other activities. After a break for lunch the kids form into their teams to do chants and songs. The final event for the day is the relays.....then the winner is announced!
Today is the last day of summer and we got very lucky with the weather. It was perfect and not too hot.
After being out all day at the school then at soccer practice in the evening, we are all exhausted! After an evening soak in the spa we are all heading to bed early.
No time for any scrapping business today.....a rare day off! Some of my photos from today however are screaming out to be OOB'd in layouts!
Here's a few photos of the day.

Justin doing high jump.
Matthew hurdling.
Justin having fun with the tug-of-war!

Matthew about to pass the batton.
The winning house captains!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Spring Meadow Released - 29% Off

We got Justin and Matthew's club soccer fixtures for the coming season tonight! Boy are we going to be busy. Most of Justin's games are a long way north while most of Matthew's are south! They only play 2 or 3 games at their home ground on the same day! It's making me feel tired just looking at the program! LOL
I really want to work on a soccer themed kit but haven't had any inspiration yet! on to my newest release - Spring Meadow and quickpages. This kit is full of blooming flowers, delicate lace, pastel colours and glitter.
To celebrate the leap year my new kit and QP are on sale - 29% off - only until March 2nd.
This kit also includes a set of 7 bonus glitter styles at no extra cost. The styles have been tested in PS 7-CS3, PSE 4-6 and PSPXI.

In this layout using the Spring Meadow kit, Andrew is enjoying play time with his cousins when he was around 18 months old.
I have created a frame cluster to share which co-ordinates with my Spring Meadow kit.

Click here to download.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

New SBB Collab Coming!

Quick post's past my bed time!

Just giving you the heads up about the new Scrapbook-bytes Collab kit - Pushing Up Daisies!
It will be available free with any $10 order from Feb 27 to March 2. This in one beautiful kit!

Here's a layout I did with this gorgeous kit....
......and now for a sneak peak at my newest kit - Spring Meadow - which will be in the store tomorrow.
This kit will be marked down 29% for the duration of the SBB collab offer.....and also includes 7 bonus glitter styles!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Busy Weekend Over .... Template 42

Another busy weekend over!
Saturday there was the usual cricket game for Matthew but Justin missed his because he was sitting a pre high school exam (a special test run by only 3 schools in our state). It is a test to get into an accelerated learning program where years 8 to 10 are done in 2 years and not 3. Andrew is already in the program and is going really well.
On Sunday Justin's soccer team played in a pre season tournament against two other clubs. They won both their matches then went on to win the final! His team only won 1 game in the whole of last season so they were absolutely rapt! It was an all day event and the weather was quite cool for summer. I had sunscreen on and wore a hat when the sun came out and still got the worst sunburn I have had for years!
I did a quick layout with some photos I took at the tournament by blending two papers from my Breath of Spring kit but kept the page clean and simple.

I made another template for you all. This one has a bonus embossed silver frame as part of the template. The preview here doesn't show the detail that well but I hope you like it!

Click here to download.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Stamp Cluster 10

It's been a pretty quiet week in our household this week...but that's good!
We did have one little drama when Matthew dropped the peanut butter jar on his toe! Do you know how heavy those big jars are? You should have seen his toe immediately turned purple very quickly! Luckily he didn't break it with sports day coming up next week.

Speaking of sports day....the school newsletter came out today with photos of all the house captains in it. They wrote Justin's name as Justine....he wasn't very happy!

Anyway that's about it for today...I'm off to watch Desperate Housewives which is my favourite show....but before I go I have a new stampcluster to share with all my blog readers.

Click here to download.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Thank You..... everyone who so generously took the time to leave me some kind words on my last post. You made me feel so much better so I would like to send out some hugs to all of you!

I don't have alot to blog about today so I will share some quick layouts I have done. These are not works of art which other people have in their galleries....they are just my simple layouts which might give you ideas for your own pages!
I am still working my way through our scanned photos of 1995.
This first one is a series of photos of Andrew when he was 18 months old. He had already reached the 'terrible twos' (although you wouldn't know it from his angelic face)! This page actually became a quickpage in my new Breath of Spring set.

The next layout was done with a kit (Tuscany) from Cori Gammon as ES (except for the paper folds, tag and stitching). The photo was taken while away on a short break. This photo has always been one of my favourites. I don't think Andrew's feet would fit into that box now! LOL

Andrew had to give up his cot to make way for Justin's arrival. He was extremely happy to be in the 'big' bed! (Iced Denim kit)

My final layout for today is one with photos taken the night before Justin's arrival. We enjoyed some family time...just the three of us...before we headed back to those sleepless nights again.
I used my Cherry Crush mini kit for this one.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Four Years Ago Today ........ Dad left and I didn't get the chance to say goodbye!

My brother Guy and his new wife Liz didn't ring me until it was too late to get to the hospital. I was home all day and only 10 minutes away. There are absolutely no excuses for them not contacting me earlier.
Some things can never be forgiven!
In honour of Dad's memory I have a new kit - Breath of Spring which also includes a set of bonus Glitter Styles.

There is also a 12" x 12" quickpage set (bought separately).

...and extra frame strips.

Click here to download the frames.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Quick Post...Too Hot...Too Tired!

It's the's hot....and I'm tired!
After this very quick post I am going to veg out in front of the telly for a while!

Firstly, I have a few CT layouts to share which have been made with my Grungilicious kit...aren't they just fabulicious!

Secondly, my new mini kit Garden Tea Party in now in the store at Scrapbook-Bytes.

.....and last but not least, here is a sneak peak at my new kit - Breath of Spring - coming out within the next day or two!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day has been spent drinking too much coffee and eating too much sweet food!
I have a layout to share using my latest mini kit - Garden Tea Party - which will be in my store very soon.
I like to make a layout or two with each kit before putting them in the store to make sure the elements work well together. By doing this I sometimes add extra pieces to the kit which will enhance it.
The photo is of Kara eating her big Easter egg which she and all her cousins used to get from their Pop (my Dad)!

For Valentine's Day I have put together a double heart notepaper frame, along with a lock and key and 'My Valentine' word art.
Click here to download.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Template 41

Our week has started off very quietly....and I do mean quietly because Justin is away at his leadership camp. When he is home he talks and talks and talks! I guess that is probably why he would make a good leader!

When I look through all the fabulous layouts that my CT are doing I am amazed at how they all come up with totally different pages using the same kits. Sometimes I even look at a layout and wonder why I didn't think of scrapping like that....and I have the kits they are using!

Below is another layout using my Whispering Forest kit (Andrew is having a wheelbarrow ride with two of his cousins). I will post a few more CT layouts later this week.

I created another new template for you to download.

Click here to download.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Valentine Frame Cluster

Justin has had a great week!
First he got selected to go on a leadership camp...then he got voted in as a school sports day captain! He is soooo happy! He only just got in by one vote...and the last vote counted was Matthew's! Sports day is only 3 weeks away and I always get carried away taking far too many photos. Their team has won the last 4 sport's days....can they win a fifth one?
I have another layout from our trip to Cairns to share in which I used my new Whispering Forest kit.

I thought I had better do a couple of Valentine freebies before Valentine's Day! It is sneaking around so I have a frame cluster tied together with a glitter/gel heart. The heart is also in the zip file separately....enjoy!

Click here to download.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

New release and 20% off my entire store!

I have an exciting new release in my shop Whispering Forest - which will be perfect for any outdoor layouts (camping, picnics, bushwalking etc). A set of 4 quickpages will be in the store before the sale ends so watch out for them too. This kit is full of wood textures and glitter!

The photos in my layout below were taken while on the Kuranda Skyrail which is near Cairns-Queensland. We caught the famous Kuranda train up the mountain then took the skyrail down while there for a holiday in 2006.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Lazy Blogger!

I have been a very lazy blogger lately!
Not much to report this week other than I have been out for too many coffees and the weather has been far too cold for Matthew's school swimming! The temperature should be around 37 degrees celcius but it has been closer to 17 ... afterall it is summer here!!
I have another layout to share using my Woodstock kit. Over the years the boys have frequently made pirate ships from all sorts of things they find in the back yard!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

New Woodstock, QP and Sampler

After one week back at school my boys are finding it harder to get out of bed this week...actually I am too!! I don't like having an alarm in the morning! Matthew is having fun swimming every morning this week with his class. I think all kids in Australia get some sort of swimming lessons while at school. I plan to watch Matthew's swim lessons on Friday and hopefully get some good photos to scrap. The kids have fun on the water slide on Friday.

My new Woodstock kit and quickpage set are now in the store at SBB.
I think this kit would be great for boys or any general type of layout. I did a quick one below as an example. Our old dog Nicki used to lick feet all the time...that's what she is doing in this photo!

I have a sampler of my Woodstock kit for you to try.

Click here to download.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

New Mango Frappe and Stamp Cluster 9

We all survived the kids first week back at school and are enjoying our last sport free weekend until October!! Today we had to shop for some of the boys cricket and soccer boots and shorts, cricket pants etc. Just stuff to replace old clothes and boots they have grown out of since last season.

I have seen so much pink around for Valentine's day that I needed to work with some totally different colours...the end result is my Mango Frappe mini kit which is in my store at SBB now.

Below is a little peek at my newest full kit - Woodstock - which will be in the store in the next couple of days. This one is a little earthy and definitely suited to boys. There is a full alpha included which is made of beautifully textured wood.

...and for your download pleasure today I have a new stamp cluster....enjoy!

Click here to download.