Monday, March 31, 2008

Some Layouts

Those of us that are still at home this week had a very, very, very quiet day today! Consequently I don't have much to write about - but sometimes that's a good thing!

I have to share some layouts that my CT have done with my new Lollypop kit - they are gorgeous.
Firstly I have one by Kristen....

...this second layout was done by Winnie.
Aren't these just too beautiful! I love the placement of all the tags in Winnie's layout and that swirly matt in Kristen's is gorgeous.
I have one that I did with the same kit but mine pales in comparison to the two above!

It is nearly April so watch out for my new grab bag which is coming very soon! It is jam packed with over 220mb of new goodies!
During the month I will be having there will be new releases, some sales and lots of freebies! Stay tuned!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Painted Glitter Frames

The last few days have been busy running the boys around for sport. The next day after the athletics meeting the boys played in an inter-school cricket match. This was followed the next day with soccer practice then normal Saturday morning cricket. Today marked the beginning of the club soccer season. Matthew played his first club soccer game today but I couldn't see it because Justin's game was scheduled to start at the same time! Neither team won but both were close games.

Justin has a busy week ahead of him - his class hopped on a bus this afternoon to go to Canberra for the week. The bus trip is a long 14 hour one! I pity those teachers with around 40 noisy kids! Of course I had to take my camera and take a handful of photos!
Here's one of the last photos I took of Justin as all the kids were gathering at the school.

I haven't done much scrapping over the last couple of days but I have been planning special things for April!!
I made some lovely glitter frames today which actually look like they have been painted.

Click here to download.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Frame Cluster 8

What a busy day!!

I have been out most of the day - firstly at a district athletics day which involved 14 local schools, then soccer practice after school. Our school managed to finish 7th this year.
Matthew competed in long jump and although he didn't win, he beat his previous best jump which he did on his schools sports day! He didn't make the finals of the 100m but he still enjoyed the day (and I guess a day off school!)

At the end of the day he ran in the relay - look at the determination in his face! His team ran 4th and just missed out on a ribbon.

Now for the scrapping part of the blog.
If you spend $10 over at Scrapbook-Bytes during the next few days you will get this beautiful collab mega kit - Bird's The Word - for free!!
Here's a layout I did using the mega kit. It is definitely a fun kit to use.

...and just before I head off to bed I have a frame cluster (done in the same style as frames in my new Lollypop kit)...goodnight!

Click here to download.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

New Release - Lollypop

I hope everyone had a nice break over Easter...but now it is all systems go as we get back to our normal routines! We had glorious weather over Easter so we were able to do lots of activities outside. Because of our drought the water level in the lake where we stayed has dropped another few inches since January. We think it has now dropped around 5 feet! There is now a little island forming where boats used to sail! The boys all paddled out to the island and even had a game of beach cricket!
During the evenings I managed to get a few layouts done. Below is one of Justin when he was only five weeks old....I used my new Lollypop kit for this one!

My new kit Lollypop is now in the store with some matching quickpages and also some more Easter Eggs. This is a very pretty kit which is suitable for a variety of layouts.
Bonus Glitter styles are included with the kit, as is a full alpha with lots of extra letters for use in almost any language.

This set of co-ordinated Easter Eggs is included free with my Lollypop kit until the end of March!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Template 43 - Easter Themed

I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter break. If you are like me you will eat way too much chocolate!
Before I go I have an Easter template to share.
How was that for a quick post!!
Nearly forgot - you can grab all my Easter Kits and Quickpages for 15% - only until Monday!
Click here to download.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Best Eggs Ever....and Heat Wave is Over!!!

Our heat wave finally ended today! After 15 days of heat, today we enjoyed a beautiful day....and it seemed really odd being able to hop in and out of the car and not melt!
During the heat wave I had a bit of fun with a new Easter layout. I used elements mainly from my Bunny Trails kit, but also pulled pieces from my Woodstock and Breath of Spring kits.
This is the's a little different to how I normally scrap but I think it turned out ok!
The journaling reads - "Easter 2006 Where's that rabbit?"

Now I have some absolutely drop dead gorgeous Easter Eggs to share. These are made in the same colours as my Bunny Tales and Bunny Trails kits. Enjoy!

Click here to download. ** sorry link expired **

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Heat Wave Sale on New Spring Mist....& free QP

Today is day 13 of our heat wave! A cooler change is supposed to be coming around Tuesday, thank goodness! I just hope it's not freezing cold and wet over Easter! Just nice pleasant weather would be lovely.
Although most school cricket was cancelled again today, Justin and Matthew were lucky enough to fill in for a team which played indoors. By the time Matthew played cricket then went to a friend's birthday party, he was ready to come home and veg out.
In the scrapping world, I have a new kit out today - Spring Mist - which I have on special for 20% off until March 18.
This kit comes with a set of 6 glitter styles. To load the styles in PSE or PS you have to copy the .asl file into a file on your computer - c/programfiles/adobe/adobeCS3 (or PSE etc) /presets/styles.
Here's a closer look at some of the elements.
I started working on quickpages for this new kit and only got one finished before I got distracted and on other kits. So today I am offering it up for free. Enjoy!

Click here to download.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Day 11 of Heat Wave!

Our heat wave continues!
This is day 11 with at least 5 more days around 38-40C (over 100F) to come!
To all of you around the world who are snowed in.....I can't even comprehend how cold that would be!
Justin is doing aquatics all week with all the year 6 and 7's from school and they have had lovely beach weather for it. I went down today to get some photos and video. I really should have taken my bathers too! The kids get to choose from - canoeing, snorkelling, sailing, surfing, boogie boarding, fishing or wave skiing (which Justin chose this year).
I think I suffer from Digitalcameraitis!! LOL Give me a digital camera and I will snap away. Today I took over 150 photos in one hour! On sports day I took around 370 photos over 6 hours! At least I have plenty of choice to scrap with.
I wanted to do a couple of layouts straight away with today's photos so I used Madame Mim's Fish in the Sea which I thought was perfect. For the second layout I also used a box from PTM's Boxed One set.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Record Heat Wave & Stamp Cluster 11

Today we broke our city's record of 8 consecutive days with temperatures over 35 degrees (95F). Today is day 9 and the forecast is for at least 7 more days of temperatures around 38 and 39 C! And it hasn't rained for 8 weeks either!
Soccer practices for the boys are either cancelled or are moved to the beach. Cricket games are getting scheduled, rescheduled, then cancelled altogether.
Andrew's high school had their sports day today in the sweltering heat. We just had a long weekend but it was too hot to get away. We are all wondering when this unseasonal heat wave is going to end!
There are only two things to do in this weather.....swim or scrap! No prizes for guessing what I have been spending lots of time doing!
I have a couple of new layouts to share today. The first one is another Easter layout using my new kit Bunny Trails. For this one I went back to 2006.
My second layout is of Dad and his grandchildren on Father's Day 1995. I used the Catscrap collab kit Primavera.

Today I made a couple of stamp cluster strips for you to enjoy.
Click here to download.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Bunny Tales Sampler and Announcement

Due to overwhelming requests for my glitter styles, I have decided to include them as a bonus in nearly every kit!! This means that for only $4.50 you get my larger than average kits with the added bonus of glitter! You do not need to buy my glitter styles separately.
I have just added them to my recently released Bunny Tales and Bunny Trails and sent out the extra download links to all those who have already purchased them.
They have been tested to work correctly in Photoshop 7-CS3, PSE 4-6 and PSPXI.
I have put together a sampler from my Bunny Tales kit and have also included a bonus circle glitter frame. Enjoy!

Click here to download.

Friday, March 7, 2008

New Easter Kit...or is that kits?

My two Easter kits are now in my store at Scrapbook-Bytes. For those of you who thought there was no pink in my kit that I showed you a teaser for... you were right! Pink is in the other kit!
If you only have boys like me you probably don't need an Easter kit with pink in it! For those of you with only girls you may not want any blue!
So I created two kits with the same core colour palette...then added pink to one and blue to the other. These kits therefore will work beautifully together.
My Easter Bead Alpha is included with the kits or can be purchased separately.
Here's a layout I did with Bunny Trails. Andrew was eating his first Easter egg and discovered the pleasures of chocolate.
...and now here's what you have all been waiting for...the previews!

If you would like to buy both kits then take advantage of my Bunny Tales & Trails Pack.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Sneak Peak No 1 - New Kit Coming Very Soon!

I didn't get much designing done today because I spent too long drinking coffee with friends! LOL
However, I can show you a sneak peak of my new kit which should be in the store within the next 24 hours!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Airlie Beach Layouts

Today's post is kind of a travelogue.
I bought Milla Designs fabulous Surf's Up kit (below) to scrap some of the many photos of tropical Queensland where most of our family holidays seem to be!

The first two layouts are from our holiday to The Whitsundays (Queensland) in 2004. I have to go back there again because it is such a beautiful place to visit. We had 14 days of glorious sunshine where we swam in the massive lagoon pool and travelled around a few of the islands.
I am still scrapping 1995 but decided to fast forward a few years for a bit of variety!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

What's my next kit....want a clue?

I have been having a bit of fun buying some kits over the last few days. The first one I bought was Stroke of Midnight by Jofia and Paint the Moon.

I used this kit on the layout below of my niece Kara at her high school graduation dance last December. I did some recolouring to make a paper purple and used my own glitter leaves (recoloured from Whispering Forest) and glitter alpa from Iced Berry.

I have a new kit coming out at the end of the week and this little freebie will give you a big clue as to the theme! All I have to do now is think of a name....or two!

Click here to download.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Lucky Charms....1 year on!

Today marks one year since I put my first freebie up!

Gosh....where has this last year gone?
Actually I know where it has gone.....spending too much time at the computer! LOL

My first freebie was a set of lucky charms and I am wondering how many of my blog readers have been with me for the whole year and would have my original charms.
I have some new lucky charms to commemorate my first year of designing.

Now I actually need these charms to work for me because my knee that I had operated on only 6 months ago is giving me grief back to the surgeon I go!!!! Not happy!!!

Anyway, today I want to show off some layouts done by my CT with my Whispering Forest kit.

...and here's my new Lucky Charms!

Click here to download.