Saturday, May 31, 2008

New Country Blue & 30% Store Sale!

This weekend marks my 1st anniversary of selling scrapbook designs! So to celebrate this momentous occasion I am having a three day 30% off store sale! This is your chance to grab some awesome bargains.

I also have a new kit - Country Blue - in the store....along with new bracket albums made with Country Belle and Country Blue. These kits use the same green and pale blue tones so they will work beautifully together. Country Blue contains 4 glitter styles and 2 full alphas. You won't find better value for money anywhere!!

Friday, May 30, 2008

Mum's Taxi Running Hot!

Most evenings now I seem to run out of time to do a blog post! I really should get my act together a little earlier in the day.
Today I was out with Matthew all day at the State Primary School Cross Country Carnival. By the time I collected my other boys from school and dropped a couple of other runners back at school, I had a very short time at home before heading out to soccer practice! Such a busy, busy day.
Here's a couple of photos from Matthew's race. His group was the biggest with 300 competitors.
Matthew started so far back in the pack that this is the only racing photo I got. He did exceptionally well to finish 140th out of 300!

I need to show you all this beautiful layout from Winnie using my Bugs N Grubs kit...isn't it too cute!

That's about all I have tonight as it's getting late here and we have a busy weekend ahead with 3 soccer games and the first pedal prix practice for Justin and Matthew's team. We may get a few spare hours on Saturday afternoon to relax if we are lucky!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tangerine Dream Embellished Frame

Things must be going well this week. The only thing that has upset me is I have just discovered that I have worn a hole through the left elbow of my favourite hoodie. DH thinks it is because I lean on it so much while scrapping on the computer - there is probably something in that theory.
I have never ever worn out an elbow on anything in my life before!

Today I created a beautiful embellished frame to co-ordinate with my Tangerine Dream page kit....and wore out my elbow a little more! LOL

Click here to download.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

New Country Belle

It's too late Sunday evening here to get into the details of our busy soccer weekend but I will quickly tell you all about my latest kit......Country Belle!
If you purchase this kit before May 31st you will get a bonus 8 page bragbook included! From June 1st the brag book can be purchased separately.

Scrapbook-Bytes have a new mega kit out - Scrap Stash (free with every $10 order until May 27). Look at this kit - isn't it a classic?

I have a couple of extra Country Belle brag book pages to share today. Grab them now before they join the others in the store!

Click here to download.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Template 45

We are down one member in our house at the moment because Andrew is away on a school camp. It is a 'real' camp too....they are in staying in tents (not the usual dorms) and they have to prepare their own meals. The kids had to shop for their food and last night, Andrew and his mates were cooking kangaroo with mashed potato! I think this will be a real learning curve for some kids.

If you are looking for some more mini album pages, I have a couple of new sets available.

Both of these sets fit the Basic Grey albums.

A few days ago I was asked how I did the border around the bracket photo in a layout. Today I thought I would share a template which I made from that layout.

Click here to download.

Monday, May 19, 2008

New (&old) Releases & Free Quickpage

Before I show you my new releases I need to show a layout of Andrew riding in yesterday's 6 hour pedal prix race. His team of 9 riders took out 3rd place in the senior secondary category. Andrew and his team mates were very surprised by the result and as the race drew to a close they were all eagerly checking the placings.
I created this layout very quickly tonight with my Wheelies kit and changed some elements into glitter to match their racing colours.

Today I have put my very first bracket album into the store. This album - using my Breath of Spring kit - fits the Basic Grey bracket album and contains 8 quickpages plus 4 plain pages.
I have had some requests for my Memories set of quickpages to go into my Scrapbook-Bytes if you have been patiently waiting, it's in the store now.

I have also created an extra quickpage to give away - enjoy!
Click here to download.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Stamp Cluster 13

The official school soccer season kicked off today with Justin and Matthew both scoring a goal each. I think winter unofficially started this week when the temperature plummetted and we had lots of very heavy rain and hail. After standing around in the freezing cold in the morning, I then had a very pleasant girls' lunch out.
We all had a very lazy afternoon in preparation for our very busy day on Sunday - club soccer and the first Pedal Prix 6 hour race.

Here's another stamp cluster to enjoy.

Click here to download. ** sorry link expired **

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Crazy Week...and a few layouts!

Without going into lots of details, this week has been the craziest week! We have had enough little dramas to last us the entire year. Most of the issues are to do with my boys behaviour. I will extremely annoyed if I get another call from their school or see a 'time out' notice! One teacher rang at 9pm tonight and was ranting about a post-it note which went missing over two weeks ago. One of our boys is amongst 4 suspects!
Another really weird thing - I took my USB to the photo shop and their machine corrupted my photos. Only 6 out of 52 printed without any strange lines on them! The shop said the problem was with my USB but I know it was fine when I left home! I will be taking them in again in the next few days so they can try again.

On a brighter note, I have a few layouts to share today.
I used my new Tangerine Dream to do the first two.
I used Follow Your Bliss from Weeds and Wildflowers for this one of Justin with his cousin Clare.
Happy Garden elements from Weeds and Wildflowers and paper from Follow Your Bliss. Now I wish for a blissful Friday!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Bold & Beautiful - Tangerine Dream!

My tooth saga continues! I managed to get in to see my dentist on Tuesday and he did a temporary fix. I can't get it fixed properly until August because he is so booked out! The good news is that he isn't going to charge me for it because the original work was done only 18 months ago.
We have had a few minor dramas (small stuff really) this week and a meeting with a school teacher to sort out some issues. Mum's taxi service was kept extra busy today...running the boys around to pedal prix practice, district school soccer trial, regular soccer training, shopping and school runs. Luckily tomorrow is my regular coffee day at the shopping centre.

Now for my long scrapping post!
I have a few new designs in my shop - a full page kit Tangerine Dream, Notepaper Clusters and Notepaper Frames.

I have also created some extra Tangerine Frames for all my loyal readers!

Click here to download. ** sorry link expired **

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Touch of Elegance Add On

The day started off with the opening of the boys' school soccer season. It was a real family affair with Justin and Matthew playing in the same team again after 3 years apart and Andrew refereeing the game and DH coaching. I took plenty of photos in the sunny weather and although the team lost, it was a pleasant morning. However, the wheels fell off at dinner time when I took the first bite of my home-made pizza and a crown fell off my molar. Not happy as I have only had it put on just over a year ago. I was looking forward to a nice Chinese meal for Mothers Day tomorrow but now not sure what I will do or when I can get back in to see the dentist. However, I took my mind off things with an evening of scrapping and I put together this little add on to my Touch of Elegance kit. I also created a set of matching quickpages which I should get in the shop tomorrow.
Click here to download. ** sorry link expired **

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

New Release - Touch of Elegance 20% Off

After having a couple of days off scrapping, today I did a few layouts with my new kit - Touch of Elegance - which has just gone into my store in time for Mother's Day.

Although I started this kit with Mother's Day in mind, it also is suited to for wedding layouts amongst others.

This kit is on special for 20% off until Mother's Day (May 11th).
As you can see from this layout, Touch of Elegance is not just for Mother's Day!
This kit is extremely versatile.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Frame Cluster 9

I'm so glad that NSD is well and truly over! I am exhausted from all the designing, scrapping and forum reading.

My 20% off sale was supposed to end today but I haven't found time to change the prices back..... so you still have a few more hours to take advantage of the bargain prices.

I decided to take a few days break from scrapping this week and I actually finished editing last year's home videos. At least now I am only 4 months behind!

We also had a busy weekend with lots of soccer. Justin hardly got any game time because I think the coach forgot to put him back on the ground. When he did get back on he got yellow carded! His team lost the match 4-2 and they are now on the bottom of the ladder.
Matthew on the other hand, played his best soccer game and scored his first ever club goal. We didn't even realise the goal was his until we got home and we watched the home video. He kicked the ball from the side line and it flew past several players. We thought that someone else then got a boot on it to score. It was a sensational goal.

Today, Justin and Matthew got to play soccer together for the first time in four years. They had an inter-school game which they lost 8-1. Justin scored our goal with a penalty!
Here's a couple of layouts I did over the weekend. I used my Breath of Spring kit for the first one.....
.....and Phoebe's Garden for this one.

I also have a little frame cluster to give away!

Click here to download. ** sorry link expired **

Saturday, May 3, 2008

NSD Freebie - May Day!

I hope everyone is having a fun National Scrapbooking Day!
I spent the day in the kitchen cooking up a storm! I can't remember the last time I baked a cake so today I made a chocolate cake with choc chips baked on top. My boys thought it was the best cake ever! It must have been the secret ingredient I put in - unprocessed bran!
I have a mini kit to give away today! Enjoy!

Click here to download.

Friday, May 2, 2008

It's NSD here shortly!

My National Scrapbooking Day sale has begun! I have 20% off my entire store until May 5th.
Be sure to come back tomorrow for a NSD mini kit give away!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

May Day - New Releases 30% Off - 1 Day Only

Here's my third new release in time for NSD - Wheelies! This one is for the boys!

My new kits - Bluebell, Phoebe's Garden and Wheelies - are now in my shop and on special for a one time special offer at 30% off for 24 hours only. After 24 hours my entire store will be on special for 20% for the National Scrapbook Day celebrations!

This photo of Andrew proves that you are never too young to start driving! Late next year he can start driving for real....and that's really scary!