Monday, June 30, 2008

Template 48

Today's post is short and sweet! Winter has well and truly arrived's freezing cold, wet and windy! I need to be where my electric blanket is!

I have one simple layout to share using my new Soccer Inc. kit....

....and a new template

Click here to download.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

New Soccer Inc. ....and Frame Packs

We waved goodbye to Andrew as he headed off by bus to Canberra on a school trip this afternoon. The cost of his week long trip should be offset by a significantly lower food bill!
My boys lost both of their soccer games today...but at least I now have a soccer kit to scrap the photos with!
My new kit Soccer Inc. has just made it into my store and is available for 20% off for the first few days. Not only that.....there are 4 bonus brag book pages included permanently with the kit!Here's the preview of the kit and also sets of Stamp Cluster Frames and Old & Distressed Frames.
Bonus brag book pages!
Here's the first of many soccer layouts I have started. This photo was taken just before Justin's first ever soccer game back in 2003 ... gosh he looks so young!

Stamp Cluster Frames 1

I thought I would show the detailed preview of these Old and Distressed looking frames so that you get a clearer picture. This set comes with 6 different frames and comes with both clean and distressed edges.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Weekend Update...New Kit Sneak Peak!

The boys' first soccer match for the weekend ended in a loss but they got all their team's goals between them - 2 each! They are both playing tough teams tomorrow so who knows what will happen! Unfortunately, because of the timing of the two games I will only be able to see one of them.
I have a couple of new layouts to share using my Seascape kit and Seascape Add On. I think this now totals about 15 pages I have scrapped with this kit....and still going!
These photos were taken during our Summer of '97. I love scrapping beach photos...they seem to be easier than some other themes.
In this second layout I also used Jofia's - Need Some Water - which is the most amazing digital water I have ever seen!!

Now for a little peak at my newest kit which hopefully should be in the store within the next 24 hours. I'm not sure whether there is much of a demand for soccer themed kits, but I sure have a need for one with all the 1000's of photos I have! LOL
I also have two frame packs going into the store.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Mid-Year Christmas Sale and Freebie!

I can't believe we are half way to the next fast is this year going?
It won't be long and I will be designing Christmas kits again! However, because we celebrate during summer and at the moment we are in the depths of winter, Christmas does seem quite a while away!
To mark the half way point I have a sale on all my Christmas designs, and thought I would include my Easter stuff too!

For those of you who may have missed all my tinsel elements last year, I made a few more to share today.

Click here to download.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Pupil Free Day and Journal Notes

The weekend was very busy with the usual soccer games - 1 school and 2 club. Two of them were losses but Justin's club team won their first one after 10 games! The coach and players were especially happy!
Today I had two boys home because the primary school had a 'pupil free' day. They both had a very lazy day. Andrew on the other hand had to go to school then to the doctor. He has had an annoying cough for 3 months now....and after 3 courses of antibiotics and a chest X-ray, the doctors still don't know what's going on or how to fix it! He is going to have more tests done at the hospital soon.

An Olympic equestrian gold medalist ran into my leg at the supermarket today. I guess she handles horses better than shopping trolleys! LOL

Today I thought I would share another layout I did with my Seascape kit. I had lots of fun creating this scene.

I also have some Journal Notes for you all today. Enjoy!

Sorry link expired.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Seascape Released ....and Bonus frames!

I can't believe the huge response to my 'win a kit' competition over at DST! I would like to say thank you for all the lovely comments which were left over there and here as well.
I used a random number generator to select the winning five entries and will be sending a PM to these lucky ladies at DST.
Now I need to show you all the extra Seascape stuff which is now in my shop and is 20% off until the end of the weekend.
Firstly, my Seascape kit ended up being so full that I ended up with a mini add-on!
I also have a bracket album set which fits the Basic Grey albums.
... and a traditional quickpage set (which still seems to be popular).

...and lastly, I have a couple of bonus frames.
Click here to download.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Win New Seascape!

Would you like to win my newest, filled to the brim kit - Seascape?

Post here at DST for a chance.

I will be giving the kit away to 5 randomly selected numbers but you only have until midnight June 19th (New York time)! The kit will be in my store by Friday - along with a Bracket Album.
Just wondering which sort of quick pages you all prefer -brag, bracket, scallop or traditional 12"x12"?

Here's one simple layout I have done with Seascape. I actually created this entire kit because I nothing to scrap our Queensland holiday photos from 1994. Now I can scrap all our beach holidays - of which there are quite a few!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Teacher's Strike .... Template 47

It's been a busy little household at our place today!
The boys were home from school because the teachers went out on strike for the whole day ... so it was harder to get on a computer! I baked some donuts this afternoon to feed the boys, and by this evening all 24 of them were gone ... they were quite small!
DH also worked from home because he had already arranged to get one of our cars serviced at home. The mechanic arrived around before 9am this morning and he has just left 10pm!! The bill was rather ugly! I guess it's still cheaper than buying a new car ... and Andrew is hoping to kind of inherit our Magna when he turns 16 next year!

Today I have a new template to share.

Click here to download.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Stamp Cluster Brown 1

After having a nice sport free break last weekend, we are now in the middle of a very busy soccer weekend. The boys lost their game today - with a score of 6-4! They were so close to getting a draw then the other team scored a couple of last minute goals. While Justin scored 3 of our goals, Matthew's was the most spectacular (from a corner shot) ... and I even got them all on video!
We view every soccer game without rain as a bonus! With no rain forecast this weekend we are very lucky again.
Tomorrow (Sunday) we will be out basically all day trekking all over Adelaide for Justin and Matthew's games.
For those of you that read my post a few days is a picture of the wacky house we saw last weekend....and the concept sketch of what it will look like when it is finished!

Is that a wacky house...or what!
I have been busy wading through our 1996 photos and am getting very close to scrapping 1997. Here's 3 layouts I have done with my new Symphony of Stars will notice that I keep them quite simple...

... and here's my first brown paper stamp cluster for you all. Enjoy!
Click here to download.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

SBB Back! - New Symphony of Stars

It's been a bit of a long haul, but the store is back up and running...and the forums and gallery won't be far behind!
I have finally been able to get some new products uploaded.
First up is my newest kit - Symphony of Stars. This comes out just in time for Independence Day but of course it would be fabulous for Australia Day layouts and any other everyday photos.

Also new out is Symphony of Stars QP Set......

......Symphony of Stars Brag Book and the Cork Frames and Clusters I previewed in my last blog post. I have decided to put the kit, QP set and Brag Book all on special for 20% off for 3 days to make up for the store being unavailable during the server move. Come back tomorrow and I will even have a little free add-on!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Cork Frames

We just had a long weekend which was free of kids sporting activities so we skipped out of town for a couple of days. The weather wasn't too bad considering it is winter here. Justin invited a friend to stay on the first night so it was quite late by the time all four boys stopped telling jokes and got to sleep!
The boys all went for a 30km bike ride while I took the easy way out and drove to their lunch destination. Here's a photo of Matthew while out riding today.......on Andrew's old bike he had as a 4 year old. You should have seen the state of his clothes and shoes.

Check out this house under construction which we saw on the trip....we actually saw it 6 months ago and it looked in the same state! I'm not sure why anyone would want a house that looks like this!

Here's a sneak peak at my newest designs which are about to hit the store soon as the server maintenance is finished at Scrapbook-Bytes.
There is a matching 12 page Brag Book and a 4 page (12" x 12") quickpage set to complement this full page kit - Symphony of Stars.

Here's a couple of cork frames (with and without glitter) for you to try.

Click here to download.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Template 46

It's been rather a stressful week in our household with mid-year parent teacher interviews and other bizarre school happenings!! Without getting into week can only get better!!

I have tried to focus on something else so I have spent time scrapping a few pages this week. Below is a page with Andrew and Justin in their beloved sandpit...where they spent hours and hours! I used my Bluebell mini kit for this one.

The next page is of the boys while at playgroup...which was a regular thing every Tuesday to get out of the house while they were young. I kept this page simple (and fast) because I still have many years to scrap. If I spent 3 hours on every layout I would still be doing 1987!
I used my Whispering Forest for this one.
Here's one more extremely quick layout which I wasn't going to post here but I thought some of you overseas people might enjoy seeing the photo with a kangaroo. The photo was taken at the start of a driving holiday to Victoria. We stopped for a picnic lunch but ate very quickly because the kangaroos were all too keen to eat our food! We drove up the road a little bit and stopped somewhere else for coffee!
Papers and elements are from Breath of Spring.

After all the dramas of the day had settled down...and I had been out for coffee...I came home and made this template for you all.

Click here to download.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Another Busy Weekend...Brag Book Freebie

We all survived yet another very busy weekend. The boys had a great weekend of soccer with 2 wins and a draw, and they both scored in each of their games. I took around 200 photos during the three games then took a few more at pedal prix training afterwards.

Here is my photo of the day....see the dust fly as Matthew slides for the ball! I think the determined look on his face is priceless!
Here's a sequence of photos which shows Matthew's goal from Sunday's game.
The keeper is well off his mark and is flying to get to the ball before Matthew does!
The keeper is still running after Matthew has kicked the ball.

The keeper makes a final dive but didn't get there quick enough!

Now for the scrapping part of today's post.
My 30% sale is on it's last day so hurry in if you are searching for some bargains.
I have made a couple of brag book pages from my Country Blue kit for you all today. Enjoy!
Click here to download.