Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Matthew - Free Birthday Stuff!

My 'baby' is 11 today - Happy Birthday Matthew! Here's a photo of him wearing the goalie gloves that he wanted most of all. I used today's freebie and some elements from my Birthday Inc. kit.
There won't be a lot of time for celebrations because it is a school day and a soccer practice night. He will have a short time to enjoy a special after school snack then we will all have some Chinese take-away after soccer practice. He skipped pedal prix practice this morning so that he had time to open his presents!

I made some birthday themed frames and rainbow glitter sprays in honour of his birthday!

Click here to download. ** sorry link expired **

Monday, July 28, 2008

Pedal Prix Pics and Stamp Cluster

We all survived our extremely busy Sunday! The boys did good lap times in their race and didn't get involved in any smashes or roll-overs! Here's some piccies....

The bikes approaching 'crash corner'
Going uphill after navigating crash corner
Some didn't navigate crash corner very well...but no one got hurt that I could tell!
Andrew came out of the bike a little wet and muddy!
Waiting for another ride in the bike!
They are now all eagerly awaiting the big 24 hour race in September!

Don't forget that you still have a few hours to get the Scrapbook-Bytes collab kit with a $10 purchase - ends July 29!
I have another stamp cluster for you all today...enjoy!

** sorry link expired **

Friday, July 25, 2008

Pink Fusion Mini Kit Add-on

The weekend is here Down Under and the last one in July is always our second busiest for the year! As well as the usual 3 soccer games, Sunday is the second 6 hour pedal prix race for the year. This year for the first time my 3 boys are all riding....but each in different bikes! The oldest two have ridden before but Matthew hasn't. As long as he keeps to the left all the faster adult riders can overtake him. I might have to hang around 'crash corner' as it gets quite interesting there! The weather forecast is not good for all our outdoor events - wet and 12 C (54 F ). After playing soccer and racing, Matthew then has more soccer! He has been selected to attend a talent identification clinic. Why does everything happen on the same weekend? I hope to have some great action photos to share from the race.

Here is the first layout I have done with my new Pink Fusion kit. It was a challenge finding a photo that would be suitable to scrap with a pink kit! I kept the car pink and recoloured the 3 balls. The boys had a great time throwing all the balls out of the car....while the girls tried just as hard to put them all back!

4shared actually co-operated today and I was able to get my mini kit uploaded.
** sorry link expired **

Thursday, July 24, 2008

New Pink Fusion & Stamp Clusters 3 & 4

I have just spent the last 2 hours trying to upload a free mini kit add-on to my new Pink Fusion but 4shared keeps having a dummy spit.... I will have to try again in the morning!
This post will be quick because it's nearly past my bed time!
I have some new goodies in my store...

Pink Fusion Scallop Album to fit the Basic Grey albums....

The Pink Fusion kit and scallop album are on sale for 20% off from July 23 to 29. During these dates you can also get this fabulous collab Picnic in the Park by spending $10 in the store at Scrapbook-Bytes.
Check back in soon and hopefully 4 shared will work for me tomorrow!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Triple Frame Cluster

My boys are now back at school after their mid-year school break. We are at the start of their busiest school term. Club soccer, school soccer and pedal prix are all in full swing. Matthew and Justin both have birthdays coming up aswell. It's making me feel tired just thinking of all the activities...Mum's (& Dad's) taxi service will be going flat out!
I mentioned that we were going to see Mamma Mia last weekend....well it was fabulous! I never really liked ABBA when their songs were 'popular' but I guess over time they have grown on me a little. I loved the movie and will have to get this one on DVD when it comes out. The only drawback was Pierce Brosnan's was not good! I think they should have got someone else to sing his part.

I have a layout to share using our new Scrapbook-Bytes collab - Picnic in the Park - which will be available soon with a $10 purchase at the store. The jetty that Andrew was jumping from is no longer usable because of the low water level now.

I have this 'thing' for frames and frame's another one for you all, enjoy!

** sorry link expired **

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Template 50

My boys are now at the end of their two week school holiday break....which means I will be able to get on a computer anytime I want too! The only drawback of course is that there will be no more sleep-ins now for another 10 weeks! They reckon their break goes much faster than their school days....but isn't that the same when we are on holidays!
They really didn't get up to much other than going to the movies and playing PS2 and computer games. They couldn't get outside much because of all the rain we have had.
Andrew has been doing an official soccer referees course because he is keen to start earning some money.
DH and I are actually going to the movies ourselves tonight to see Mamma Mia. We haven't been to the movies together for ages. I saw the trailer for this last week when I went with the boys to see Get Smart and it looked quite good.
I got quite angry this week when I discovered my newest kit Wild Child was being shared...within hours of it going in the store! It actually made me wonder whether it was worth my while to keep designing! The hourly rate would be quite pathetic but I do it because I love designing. If the pirates keep at it I will only design stuff which I can use...this will mean no pink...otherwise my time is wasted for nothing!
Anyway, here's the photo of Sally that I posted the other day. I used my Wild Child kit for this layout.

I also made a new template - number 50! Although when I uploaded it to 4shared I didn't see number 49....I think I may have missed a number! Enjoy....and have a good weekend!

Click here to download.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wild Child!

I have been a very lazy blogger this month because everytime I get on the computer I either design or scrap some layouts....then close to midnight I remember I haven't blogged and its too late! I do find the time to read everyone's comments that get left here though...and would like to thank you all for taking the time to leave one.
My new kit - Wild Child - is the result of being a lazy blogger! I am having so much fun playing with this vibrant, funky kit!

I also have a set of Wild Child quickpages available in my shop at Scrapbook-Bytes.

I always knew that this photo of Matthew would be perfect to scrap someday...I just had to wait for the right kit! I think Wild Child fits the bill wonderfully!
With this second one I simply combined the two starburst papers together and erased part of the top one to give the impression of sun and water. Once I had the photo in place and the papers right I felt it didn't need lots of elements to clutter it.

I decided to make some wild glitter shapes which will work with my new kit....enjoy!

Click here to download.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Old & Distressed Frames

How quickly the weekend comes, and just as quickly goes!
We actually had an entirely free Saturday because my boys are in the middle of a two week school holiday break. Our house normally has some early risers but the first one didn't get up until 8.30am....that's crazy for our household!
Today we had the usual two soccer games to watch. Justin's team managed a 2-all draw while Matthew's team got a 2-1 win. They both got one goal each with Matthew's being a very spectacular header goal (his first header).
I really need to share this extremely cute photo I took this evening of our pooch. Matthew gave her one of his old fluffy toys and she has adopted it. I will have to do a layout with this one eventually.

I have one old frame and a distressed version to share tonight. These are very similar to my Old and Distressed Frames element pack.

Click here to download.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Unique Stampcluster Bonus

The boys school holidays are going along smoothly....but noisily!
Justin had his first orthodontist appointment on Monday which went quite well. He will get his braces before the end of the year.
Yesterday we all went to the cinema to see Get Smart. I actually quite enjoyed it except I didn't really like the actor who played Maxwell Smart!

Today I decided to put my boys baby photos on the same page. I actually shuffled them around on my page to make everyone guess who was who! Luckily DH got them right! I think I will have to do a whole album with them all on the same page at the same age. I used my Summer Breeze kit along with a cluster from my Stamp Clusters 2.

I even made another cluster just for my blog readers. I was going to post this last night, but the evening got away starting another new kit!
Click here to download.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

New Summer Breeze, Sale & Freebie!

Another busy weekend bites the dust!
Andrew got home from his school trip to Canberra totally stuffed. After only 1/2 hour sleep on the 18 hour bus journey home, he needed a three hour afternoon nap followed by a massive 12 hour sleep!
We decided to buy an exercise bike for the boys to do extra training for the upcoming pedal prix races. I thought it might also be good to strengthen my knee which still hasn't totally recovered from a knee operation last August!
We only had two soccer games to watch this weekend...we had one loss and a win. Although Justin's team lost, he was very happy that he scored his team's only goal.
After soccer we had just enough time to stop home for a quick lunch before heading out to pedal prix practice. I can't believe how icy cold it was standing around outside all day.
The boys are now off school for a two week break so we can all sleep in....yeah!!

I got distracted late last week and forgot to post here about my new kit, quickpages and stampclusters!
I also have a sale going on which I have extended until July 10th because I ran out of time to advertise it!

First up of my new designs is my new kit Summer Breeze....

...then there are some matching quickpages....

....and lastly my Stamp Clusters 2 which consists of 4 very unique fancy clusters.
Here's the first finished layout using Summer Breeze. This kit is so easy to work with, I am sure it's going to be one of my favourites. I am nearly up to scrapping Matthew's birth and I think this kit will be perfect for baby boy pages!

For all my loyal readers.....I have a couple of brag book pages made with Summer Breeze.

Click here to download.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Acrylic Frames with a Touch of Glitter

Here's the little freebie I tried to post yesterday - some acylic frames with a touch of red/blue/silver glitter - great for all those 4th of July layouts.

For those of you having a long weekend, have a great one!

Click here to download.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Quiet Week....4Shared Down!

It's been a very quiet week around here with Andrew away in Canberra. I've only been to one supermarket in the last 4 days - compared to usually going every day!
I got woken up far too early today when DH accidentally flicked his alarm to 'loud beep' instead of turning it off!!
I have another layout today using my Soccer Inc. kit - Soccer Dog! My boys used one of the blow-up soccer goals used in the pool! She was actually very quick stopping the balls!

I prepared a little freebie today but 4Shared went down as I was uploading so you will have to wait until tomorrow for my set of acrylic frames!