Thursday, August 28, 2008

Class is in....Art 101!

My new kit Art 101 is now in the store....along with Art 101 Add-on (for the girls) and a set of quickpages. My original palette for this kit didn't include real girly colours so I made a mini add-on which can be used by itself or with the full kit. There should be colours that everyone can use....and combining them will be fun.

Blogger co-operated today and here's the full Art 101 preview!

Here's the add-on in girly colours which can also be used by itself.

Art 101 Quickpages.

As promised, here's a little bonus....a set of 9 different coloured triple frames.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My First RAK and a New Sneak Peak!

I was in shock the other day....I recieved my very first RAK!!!! The oh so sweet Nathalie of eNKay Design made my day.
This is what I picked up from her store...a fabulous page kit in wonderful colours to scrap my boys...
....and a set of gorgeous papers!
We are being very spoilt with our weather this week by having an early taste of Spring. It's so nice not having to run heating all day...and being able to hang the washing outside. Our house usually looks like a laundrymat over winter, with sheets hanging around everywhere. I don't like dryers so I have to make do!
I have a couple of layouts to share using my Pool Party kit. I have so many pool photos that sometimes I don't know where to start scrappping!
This second one was taken during our vacation to The Whitsunday Islands....and what a beautiful place it is too! We had our first family snorkelling experience off Hook Island in 2004 to prepare ourselves for our future trip to the Great Barrier Reef two years later.
Congratulations if you have made it all the way through my post to here!!!
Here's a little sneak peak at my newest release.
Come back tomorrow as they should be in the store by then....and I might just have a little matching freebie!!!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

New Stamp Clusters

Thank you for all your wishes for a speedy recovery getting over my tummy bug! It's actually amazing how long it takes to get back to feeling normal again. The slowest part seems to be regaining the energy level....luckily sitting with the laptop in front of the TV doesn't require lots of it!
We just had a weekend without soccer (well almost) which was a nice change to the routine. Andrew started his first job....he refereed an U12 soccer game (his first one not connected with our school or with his brothers in it).
We all spent Sunday morning at Andrew's pedal prix practice and got our first taste of Spring. It was lovely not needing the thermals, gloves, scarf, jacket etc. The weather was warm and sunny. I can't wait for more!
It's kind of sad that the Olympics have finished and that we have to wait another four years for the next one!

I have managed to get a couple of new stamp cluster set into the shop. Stamp Clusters 5 contains 4 sets with shadowed corners for the curled look, while Stamp Clusters 6 contains a set of 4 unique decorated clusters.
I also made an extra cluster in the style of my Stamp Clusters 5...enjoy!
Download here.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Template 52

I have been watching lots of the Olympics over the last couple of days due to being slowed down with a tummy bug! Consequently, I haven't been around in the digi community to catch up with the latest happenings. I even missed out on my weekly coffee out today! The last time I caught this type of bug was over 13 years ago! It's amazing how slow the night goes when you watch the clock until 5.30am...knowing that everyone else in the house is asleep!
That's about it for today because I have some sleep to catch up on, but before I go, I made a template to share. This one is for those of you who like to have a few photos on a page, but also like to keep it smart and simple.

Download here.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Justin's Birthday - Another Birthday Gift!

We have another teenager in the house - Justin is 13 today!
I can't actually believe it...where has the time gone?

A couple of days ago I posted a photo of how muddy the boys got at soccer....this was nothing compared to how muddy Matthew got yesterday in his club match! He finished equal first in the 'who's got the most mud' competition! He did the most awesome slide in front of the goal to stop the other team scoring...and ended up wearing half the pitch! It's no great surprise that it didn't all come out in the first wash!

For Justin's birthday today I have some acrylic birthday elements.

Download here.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Template 51

Today marks the end of a 6 year journey for Justin...he played his last school soccer game. It seems like he has been playing for ages. The boys have had too many thrashings to mention but today they got a win....with Justin surpassing his long standing record of 6 goals in a game....he got 7!
The photo below shows how much mud they collected while they played in the rain. I think we should have lined up the team after the game to check out all their socks....and the ones with the dirtiest socks must have played the hardest! LOL

Only 3 hours later, this second photo was taken!!! Are they crazy or what? The water temperature was only 13C (55F) and the outside temperature was about the same!

They didn't last much longer that a few seconds, then they sat in the hot spa (38C/100F) for ages to recover! I got really cold just standing around taking the photos.

While I am on the subject of swimming, I have another layout to share using my Pool Party kit. The photo was taken during our holiday to The Whitsundays back in 2004. This is the most beautiful group of islands to visit and a place we will be going back to sooner rather than later.

I turned this layout into a new template to share...enjoy! I hope everyone is having a great weekend.

Download here.

Friday, August 15, 2008

SBB Sale is on with a Pool Party!

The sale has begun - check out Scrapbook-Bytes for mega bargains in the storewide sale.

Here's the Pool Party!
I know you guys in the Northern Hemisphere are heading out of summer, but those of us in the south are looking forward to ours! This kit has some pool noodles which have been created from scratch, and also some pool rings, acrylic drops, splashes and waves!

This is the first layout I have done with the kit. We think Matthew looks like a young Brad Pitt! Anyone agree?

I was planning to have a little freebie today but I have been distracted watching too much Olympics. Hopefully I will have something tomorrow.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

SBB Sale & New Kit Sneak Peak!!

Scrapbook-Bytes is having a huge mid year sale from August 15 -17. There will be lots of awesome bargains, and even a new collab (Vintage Market) - free with every $10 purchase. Check out this fabulous preview!

.....and here's a little teaser of my new kit hitting the store on Friday! Anyone able to guess the theme?

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Medals for Winners!

I decided a couple of weeks ago that I needed a new preview....and after much messing around, came up with a fairly simple one. I did one with lots of paper layers and decided it wasn't my style! I like the clean look even though layered previews seem to be a current trend.

In keeping with the Olympic spirit I have some some 'winner' medals. These are dedicated to everyone who participates - whether they win or lose - everyone is a winner just for trying!

Download here.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Journal Borders 2 - Vertical

We all watched the Olympic opening ceremony the other night... and what an awesome show it was! It was so much better than I would have thought. My favourite part being the very start with all those drummers....totally amazing! I am sure that many of you also watched it. Now we have the games on every TV in the house so that we don't miss anything. I don't normally watch much sport (except the kids) but even I watch a few of the sports.
Speaking of kids sports, Matthew's soccer game and Andrew's pedal prix both got cancelled because of all the rain. Justin should have taken his swimming bathers to his game - there were lots of 'pools' laying around the pitch! LOL

My journal borders I put here the other day were so popular, that I did some vertical ones for those who like journaling down the page. These ones are also 12" - two are scalloped and two are plain...enjoy!

link expired

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Journal Borders

It's been a pretty quiet week in our household this week with only four of us at home. DH is due home from Sydney any minute now.
Actually the only thing of note is that the high school teachers went out on strike this morning. School was on as normal from 12.15pm but hardly any kids went. I saw lots of them at the shopping centre when I went out for coffee today.
The most amazing thing we discovered yesterday was Google Street View. This has just started here in Oz and it is amazing. The regular Google Earth photos of our area have just been updated and the clarity blew me away! I was able to see our pool fence (luckily we weren't skinny dipping) and the shadow from the basketball ring so clearly! I then looked at the soccer ground where the boys play club soccer and I could see the white lines, goal posts and net! Big Brother is definitely watching!!

For those of you that like to put lots of journaling on your layouts, I have a set of 4 paper borders which are all 12" wide.

Sorry link expired.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Collab with Wendy Page!

I have just had the great pleasure of working with Wendy Page on a collab - Fruit Medley.
Has this kit got the coolest colours for summer or what? It is so fresh and colourful!
There is also a Keyplate album to fit the Basic Grey Albums.

....and if you want to see how the kit looks in's a couple of layouts for you.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Template 49!

It was really nice having a quieter weekend after our extremely busy one last week. Matthew's team won their soccer game yesterday....he scored one of their goals. After the game we went out for a relaxing Sunday lunch.
Today I finally got my molar fixed.....the one which broke around Mother's Day! My dentist was so busy I couldn't get in any quicker! I am very relieved that it is finally done now though.
I have a couple of layouts to share today...and a new template to download. I couldn't find number 49 but I had already done number here's 49! I must have had a blonde moment and miscounted! LOL
You will see that I kept this first layout very simple....using my Symphony of Stars kit and Stamp Clusters 1. Because I am still working my way through 1997, I really have to do some layouts very quickly or I will never catch up.
For this second layout I used one of the mini kits which is in my August Grab Bag.

Now you have made it this's the template!

Download here.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

New Grab Bag & Free Quickpage

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend...ours is half way through already!
The boys got a 3-all draw in their school soccer game today. After soccer tomorrow we are going out for lunch which will be nice.
We are all having a quiet Saturday night in this evening - except for Andrew who is starting to spread his wings and is out seeing The Dark Knight with friends.

I have a new Grab Bag in the store....and it's full to the brim with 8 new products.

I made one of my own layouts (using Phoebe's Garden page kit) into a quickpage to share today.

Click here to download.