Friday, December 26, 2008

SALE and 12 Month Stamp Cluster!

Thank you everyone who left Christmas wishes.

Christmas is over for yet another year. I hope you all had an enjoyable day like we had. Every year as my boys get older Christmas Day seems a little different. This year seemed very quiet as they sat playing with their games rather than toys. I haven't even had a chance to download our photos or video yet.

If you are looking for a 'yummy' kit, you can get this new Scrapbook-Bytes collaboration kit Gumdrops and Lollipops (from Dec 26 to Jan 1) with any $10 purchase from participating designers. Most of my products are also on sale for 30% to 50% off!

I have one layout to share today using Party Season and a photo from Christmas 2007...

....and also a 12 month stamp cluster to share. Included in the download is a non shadowed cluster too.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

It's late in the afternoon on Christmas Eve here. The house is organized (well nearly), the food is prepared and the presents are wrapped. I just need to put the bon-bons together and set the table after tea tonight.

I would like to wish everyone a happy Christmas, and hope that you don't get woken up too early by very excited kids!

Here's a little Christmas glitter wordart freebie for you all.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

It's the Party Season - Lots of stuff!

I tell you what, I really don't know where December has's crazy how fast the whole year has disappeared!
My boys have had one of their 6 weeks off already and they only just had their first school holiday swim yesterday. This afternoon the boys have either been swimming or lazing around watching the cricket.
The weather forecast for Christmas Day is now warm to hot...which means lots of time sitting by the pool drinking wine or cocktails.
Today I noticed that Justin's teeth are looking straighter already....and the braces have only been on for 11 days.
I have been very busy designing and have three new products in the store.
Firstly I have two sets of frames...Christmas Felt Frames (which co-ordinate with my Christmas Traditions kit)....

...and Christmas Stamp Clusters 2.

My third product is my last Christmas kit for this year - Party Season. This one is great for New Year too, and is designed for boys and girls.....and it's on SALE!

I have made a couple of brag book pages from Party Season to share with you all today.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Frame Cluster

A few days into the summer school holidays and all is going well. My boys are starting to behave like teenagers by sleeping in! Today I dragged them to Ikea where we actually bought some furniture for the first time. Until now I had only bought a few kitchen items and storage boxes. The boys are all getting some new wall mountable shelving cabinets in their bedrooms. Matthew can't have his put up though until he shows us he can keep his room tidy!

If you are looking for inspiration for Christmas layouts, check out what my CT have been doing with Christmas Traditions. Nancy even used this kit and created a whole book!

Here's a very quick layout I did using today's special Christmas frame cluster. I just realised today that it is only one week until Christmas Eve....where has this year gone?

This freebie includes one frame cluster and also a single square frame.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Clear Baubles

I keep meaning to post, but I get distracted! Last night we all watched The Santa Clause (with Tim Allen) and it was too late by the time we had a spa. I hadn't seen this movie before even though it was made way back in 1994! Santa Clause 2 is on TV later this week, so I can catch up on that one too.

Andrew was out on a sleepover (although they did not actually sleep) with a few friends last night to celebrate the end of the school year. The worst part is that it was kind of a pool party and the weather hasn't been very kind to us during December. We haven't used our pool for at least 3 weeks because of the crazy cold weather. Now it is school holidays, we usually sleep in and laze around in the morning, then we swim in the afternoon. This is obviously not going to be the case for the first week at least!
Justin got his braces on a few days ago, and I am so impressed with the way he has handled it all. He is only 13 but he is maturing fast.

I have a new layout to share using my Jingle Bell Blues kit. This kit works quite well for scrapping baby boys on their first Christmas!

In the lead up to Christmas I am trying to make lots of seasonal freebies. Today I have some clear baubles for you.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

More Hanging Frames

I was going to post last night but it was a bit late by the time we got home from Justin's primary school graduation. The event was held at a lovely country restaurant and function centre. Once the formalities were over most of the parents went into a different room for dinner. At the end of the evening the kids all danced for us. They looked so much older all dressed up. I can't believe I now only have one left at primary school!

Here's the beautifully decorated tables they dined at....

....and check out this mud cake!!!! The kids are eating this at school this morning. Straight after eating this, Justin is off to have his braces if anyone has some helpful tips about dealing with braces please let me know.

Now I have another set of hanging frames - this time they co-ordinate with Jingle Bell Blues and Snowed Under.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas Stamp Frames

We still haven't been having appropriate weather considering it is supposed to be summer here, but the weather was perfect for having a Sunday lunch out and strolling around the marina. We then had coffee and icecream and wandered around some markets.

My boys will all be finishing their school year this Friday and are looking forward to a 6 week holiday break....but before they finish they all have some fun excursions planned! Generally they involve pools, waterslides, bowling or movies! We didn't do any of these fun things when I went to school!

I have a new layout to share today using pieces from Snowed Under, Jingle Bell Blues and Window Frames 1.

I started creating some Christmas Stamp Frames for my shop, but I decided to give them away as an early Christmas present to everyone instead.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Jingle Bell Blues & Journal Notes

Today I finally got my new Christmas kit into the store. It was a little delayed because I was sick last week so I have it on sale for 30% off. It's kind of a delayed Black Friday sale!
Jingle Bell Blues is mainly a Christmas kit, but it does have a few snow elements. If you live somewhere with lots of snow, you can combine this kit with my Snowed Under kit to get a fabulous mega kit.

I also have a new set of 12" quickpages.

I have a little set of glitter edged star journal notes to share today. I made these to match both Christmas Traditions and Jingle Bell Blues.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Christmas Circle Frames

With less than two weeks to go before school breaks up for the year, we are getting very busy with many things on our calendar.
Tonight we attended the primary school Christmas music night. It seemed very different this year though....perhaps because our boys aren't little any more and they weren't the cute ones in the Santa hats singing the Christmas carols. They just wanted to be there to hang out with their mates. We were lucky with the weather because it wasn't stinking hot or freezing cold (we have had both extremes during December before). Everyone always enjoys the fireworks at the end before we walk home.
Now it is December I will be having quite a few Christmas themed freebies for you all. Today I have a set of three tinsel wrapped circle frames.