Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday SALE....and Bonus Christmas Frames

By now all the Black Friday sales will be well underway, and I'm sure there are many bargains to be found! There certainly are in my shops where you can find everything marked down 30-50% until November 30!

I can't believe another week has flown by and we are now only 4 weeks away from Christmas. My boys will be breaking up from school in the next week or two for their 7 week Summer holiday, so I will lose my peace and quiet for a while! They are getting extremely frustrated with their cricket at the moment because it keeps getting cancelled! One week it's too hot, then it's too wet, then they have a bye.....and tomorrow it will probably be too wet again! The weather at the moment is totally wacko!

Anyway, I have a little freebie for you...a set of glitter edged frames to co-ordinate with my Christmas Trimmings kit.

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving.....and a Black Friday SALE!

I would like to wish all my American digi friends a happy Thanksgiving.......and announce that my Black Friday SALE has begun!

I have added a third set of Christmas Stamp Clusters to my Pickleberrypop shop. You can use these with nearly every Christmas kit that is out there!

Of course the frames go very nicely with my Christmas Trimmings kit!

Enjoy your time to reflect with family and I will try to get back tomorrow with a little Black Friday freebie for you all.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Template 98

If anyone has had trouble downloading some of my recent freebies, try again! I have fixed the last three. It seems I ran out of bandwith due to the large number of downloads!

It's only one month until Christmas Eve already, so I have some beautiful Christmas pages to inspire you that my CT have done with my Christmas Trimmings kit.

I also have another new template - number 98 - a very clean and simple one!

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Friday, November 20, 2009

Christmas is Coming - New Christmas Trimmings!

It's only 5 weeks until Christmas, so it's time for a new seasonal kit!
Christmas Trimmings is now in my stores at Pickleberrypop and A Cherry on Top.
And it's on special for 30% off until after Black Friday!

Also in my stores are some co-ordinating quickpages.....

and a set of matching Tinsel Frames - the best digital tinsel you will find anywhere! These frames are two toned for a very realistic effect.

Check out the detail!

I also made a set of 5 mini tinsel frames for you to sample.

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New Unique Clipping Masks

Eight days on from surgery and my energy level is almost back to normal.
We had to contend with an extremely hot weekend which was tiring for all of us. The worst thing about the hot weather was having to turn off our air conditioner every time the neighbors lit up a cigarette outside...which was often! They smoke outside so that their house stays smoke free....but all their smoke ends up in our A/C ducts!!!!
A couple of weeks ago I reported that Matthew's school cricket team had made the semi-finals in cricket. Well, they played the semi yesterday and got knocked out. At least the heat wave stopped for one day so that they could play! It was still a great effort to be in the top 4 schools from over 40 that started in the competition.
After spending the last few days resting, it feels like I have been away from the scrapping world for weeks! But at last I have a couple of new sets of clipping masks in my stores, and a new kit coming very very soon.
I have just set up a fan page on Facebook, so if you would like to keep up with what's happening in my stores, come and join me over there.

Here's an example using one of my Messy Halftone Masks. DH took the photo when he took the boys (and the dog) to the beach on Sunday before it got too hot.

Messy Halftone Masks available at Pickleberrypop and A Cherry on Top

Star Masks available at Pickleberrypop and A Cherry on Top

I think it's pretty obvious what the theme of my next kit is?

Here's a sampler from my Messy Halftone Mask pack to try!

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Friday, November 13, 2009

Thanks for all the get well wishes

I have been blown away by all the wishes and thoughts that got left here while I was away in hospital. Thank you to everyone who left comments, it was lovely to come home and read them all.
My DH worked from home for a couple of days so that he could run the boys to and from school and I could rest. The almost funny thing was that I ended up driving him to the doctor when he sliced his finger on a very sharp tin lid in the rubbish bin!
I was planning to design something new for you all, but tiredness got in the way so I turned another layout of mine into a template instead. My new releases for the shop will also have to wait until next week, when I have more energy!

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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Off to hospital....gall bladder going cheap

Digital Scrapbooking Day is over, and now we must wait a whole year until the next one!
I hope everyone found lots of great bargains and awesome freebies on your travels in cyberspace.

We are experiencing a very early heat wave this week, so I spent most of the weekend swimming or just relaxing in preparation for my gall bladder surgery tomorrow. I should be back in a few days if all goes as planned.

In the meantime you should all have lots of new scrapbook supplies to keep you busy.
But if you do need a new template for inspiration, I created one from the following layout I made with my new Mystique kit.....


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Friday, November 6, 2009

Happy Digital Scrapbook Day!

It's finally arrived....Digital Scrapbook Day! Hope you all have a good one!

Remember both my stores have 30% off until Nov 8th....and 30% off a $5 kit makes it just $3.50. This is exceptional value considering that most of my kits also include glitter styles!

I have some CT layouts with my new kit, Mystique, to give you inspiration.

Especially for DSD, I have a bonus clustered stamp frame.

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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

DSD Sale, New Mystique and a 16th Birthday!

Beat the DSD shopping frenzy....start now!

My new Mystique kit is now in both my stores - Pickleberrypop and A Cherry on Top.

And one more thing first baby is 16 today!!!!

16 faces of Andrew in 16 years!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Weekend, A Sneak Peek and Template 95

We had a busy weekend again, but it wasn't just soccer for a change. First up was cricket, and it was hot! Andrew and Justin are playing in the same team this season, so that makes the taxi service a bit easier! I got this great photo of Andrew - but he didn't like it because he got out on that shot! I got very lucky to get the bail and ball in the photo.

Next up was Andrew's 16th birthday paintball adventure on Saturday afternoon. Eleven boys set out for a fun afternoon, and the look on Andrew's face says how much fun he had! Andrew (my first born) is 16 tomorrow! I guess I had better hide the car keys!

On Sunday the boys (and DH) all rode in Amy's Ride, which was a charity fundraiser to educate drivers to keep their distance when passing cyclists on the road.

One road was even closed so that the cyclists didn't have to compete with cars.

The ride finished in picturesque McLaren Vale, where I picked them up. Matthew now wants to do more bike rides because it was so much fun.

Now, Digital Scrapbooking Day is nearly upon us, and what does that mean?
A sale of course!!!
Starting November 4th I will have a new kit and both stores will be on sale for 30% off!

And if there is still anyone out there that is doing P365, congratulations you are nearly there! Here's a new template to keep you going.

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