Friday, February 27, 2009

New Forest Whispers and Stamp Clusters 7

It's been a pretty quiet week all round in our house this week. There was just the usual work, school, soccer practice, cricket practice..... and designing of course! Also, my blog counter hit 1,000,000 today!!! It has been my most difficult week to think of original photos for P365. I have been distracted wondering how a family of 7 will fit into the house next door which only has 3 bedrooms! I think our quiet little cul-de-sac is about to become noisier and busier.

The tally so far at Scrap-n-Tag for the Victorian Bushfire Collab has now reached $3244!! What a fabulous effort! Thank you to everyone who has donated to qualify for the kit.

Now I have some new goodies in the store.
Firstly I have a new kit - Forest Whispers. Anyone who has my kit Whispering Forest will see the resemblance between the two! I loved the colours so much, that instead of revamping, I decided to design a completely new kit which can be combined with Whispering Forest to make a mega kit! This new kit also contains 5 new and improved glitter styles.

Here's a little detailed view...

....and another one!

There is also a matching set of 12" quickpages.....
Both the kit and quickpages are on special for 20% off too!

....and lastly, a new Stamp Cluster set - number 7!

I used Forest Whispers to create the following page.

Finally, here's a little frame cluster to share...but be quick, it will only be up for a few days!

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Week 8 of P365 and a New Frame Cluster.

Eight weeks have gone already in Project 365...and it's getting more and more challenging to find something worthy of a photo! Check out the first photo from this past week.... it's all the boys' cricket whites on the washing that exciting or what? In an odd sort of way, they did make an interesting shot! The second photo is of my trusty coffee machine which gets used very frequently. The last photo is of Matthew wearing a new hoodie he picked out while shopping last weekend. He wore it all day when we bought it....even though it was a little hot! He found some old kid's sunnies in the car which he decided to wear with interesting look don't you think?

The tally so far for the Spirit of Summer Victorian Bushfire Collab kit has passed $2600....isn't that fabulous!

My freebies will now only be up for a few days, so grab them while you can!
Today I have a little frame cluster to share. I love using frame clusters when I have lots of photos to put on a page.

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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Bushfire Notice...and Perfect Paws Frame Cluster

Important Notice re Bushfire Collaboration Kit

We are begging for your patience in regard to receiving your coupon codes to download the Australian Bushfire Collab.

Carolyn is the only one who receives the copy of your donation and is working as quick as possible to send out your download coupons.

All the mail requests get placed in a queue in the order that they are received.

If you do not receive your coupon within 24 hrs then by all means email again, but please consider that there is only one person able to handle the coupons (and she really does need to sleep sometime-lol), so it may take more than 1/2 hr.

Thanks so much to all of you that have donated already!
We have hit the $1000 mark and are ecstatic!!


Now here's a little freebie frame cluster which I made from my Perfect Paws kit....enjoy!

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Friday, February 20, 2009

Spirit of Summer - Victorian Bushfire Charity Kit

Spirit of Summer is a charity collab benefiting the Victorian Bushfire Appeal. Not only has this affected Australians, but human beings the world over. 34 Australian and international designers have banded together to help support many Australians, animals and communities decimated by one Australia’s worst national disasters.

What happened?

On Saturday, Feb 7, the temperature in Melbourne was 33C by 9am. By noon it was 40C and by 2.50 pm soared to 47.9C (a state record). Thousands of people were also about to start running from the inferno that would become one of Australia’s worst peacetime disasters. Trees ignited in the blink of an eye. By the time people heard the roar, it was too late to flee ahead of the flames. Unfortunately no one or thing could have stopped this inferno that wiped out communities, bushland, and lives within minutes. Many towns now cease to exist! After watching interviews with survivors, many say that they can't put into words what they went through, saw or felt on that day.

Why is this charity kit different?

No money will change hands at Snap N Tag (our host website). We are asking for your support by donating DIRECTLY to one of the following charities:

can be made
here: The Salvation Army or here: Australian Red Cross
What do I get for my donation and where:
You will be helping the people of Victoria, Australia most importantly, but you will also receive this amazing MEGA kit (see below).
There are:
167 papers,
326 elements,
2 Alphas and a glitter styles pack as well.
How amazingly fabulous is that and you can receive all of this for as little as a $5.00 donation.
(**Vouchers will be emailed upon receipt of proof of Donation**)
But that's not all! For showing us how much you all really care, you not only get the MEGA kit but receive a Quickpage Album if you donate over $10.00…WOW how awesome is that!

To receive your Charity collab go here at Scrap N Tag (** Don’t forget your receipt of donation**)

I want to personally thank those involved in the creation of this MEGA kit?
34 ladies have done an amazing job planning, creating, collating and advertising for this Charity appeal!
Below is a list of blogs with the names of these people.
Please leave some love for them all to let them know how appreciated their efforts have been.

I would like to thank Vicki and Shaz for organising this wonderful collab and to Carolyn for hosting this at her website, collating and doing the previews.

You have done an amazing job ladies. Also to my fellow designers, without your generosity this Charity Kit would never have happened!

And here is my contribution to this fabulous kit.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Template 66 - Great for P365

Another week bites the dust! Here's photos from the past week for my Project 365. As you can see, not much really happened....other than buying two pairs of very popular bright green soccer boots for the boys. I thought the surf photo came out OK - I took this while Matthew had soccer practice at the beach.
Last year the trendy soccer boot colour was orange....what will it be next year?

I made another new template today which can be used for P365....enjoy!

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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day Quickpage

It's Valentines Day - so I have some pink goodies for you!
This Scrapbook-Bytes collab kit Rockin' Valentine is now available for free when you spend $10 from participating designers. Is this kit gorgeous or what?

...and in keeping with the Valentine theme, I turned one of my layouts into a quickpage to share. This one was made with my Pink Fusion kit which is on special along with other suitable Valentines Day kits - Power of Love, Romance and Cherry Crush.

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Template 65...and a little sneak peek!

I have yet another week of photos for my Project's amazing how quickly another week has gone. Like Ikea Goddess said on her blog last week, some days there are lots of photos to choose from and others are quite challenging....but that's the whole point to the exercise! Photos of food or a drink are good standbys when nothing much has happened!

Here's a little teaser of my new kit which is coming very soon! Can you guess the theme for this one!

....and finally I have another template for you all. This one can be used to put in up to 10 photos. This makes it quite flexible to use for P365 too!

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Sunday, February 8, 2009

It's finally cooler....and a CU sample!

The heat has finally least for a few days!
Our state has been luckier than Victoria and New South Wales who have both been having lots of out of control bushfires.
The death toll in Victoria is rising by the hour - 76 so far, and 700 homes destroyed! These are Australia's worst bushfires ever, and they are still burning. It is very sad to read the stories.
You can read more here.


New Commercial Use Designs - No Credit Required
After many requests over the last few months, I have decided to release a few commercial use products. I will still be doing lots of designs for personal use, S4H and S4O as well.

Firstly I have a set of Silver Wires...

...and secondly, a set of Stamp Templates for you to customise anyway you wish.

I have made a couple of bonus silver wires for you to sample. You may use these for either personal use, S4H, S4O or Commercial Use.

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Thursday, February 5, 2009

End of the heat ....I wish!

The heatwave officially ended (after 9 days) because the temperature only got to 33C (91F) yesterday.... however, tomorrow the temperature is set to soar back up to 43C (109F)!!! Luckily there is cooler weather coming early next week. The hot weather is draining on everyone. Justin came home from his first high school camp totally exhausted.

I thought it was about time I posted a few fantastic layouts that my creative team have done with my Brickworks kit. It still amazes me how different people can come up with such different layouts using the same kit.

I love playing with the colours in my Power of Love kit so I made a second frame cluster to give away....enjoy!

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Monday, February 2, 2009

Template 64...and heatwave still continues!

Day 8 of our heatwave, and there is still at least 4 or 5 days to go according to the weather bureau. We are surviving with lots of swimming, and lots of icy cold drinks. If you check out my next week of Project 365 photos you will see the yummy iced concoction that I made. It was a very cold and delicious coffee/vanilla frappe with icecream, cream and chocolate topping on top! Of course the photo next to it is just boring ice water!

Here's a layout I made today using my newest kit - Power of Love.

I went a little wacky today (must be the heat) and created a new template for odd shaped photos. I put 7 photos on it for all of you that are doing Project 365.

Download here.