Sunday, March 29, 2009

Week 13 of P365 and some new releases

Week 13 of Project 365 bites the dust! I have quite an odd assortment of photos this week! Firstly, there is the can of anti-bacterial spray which I used more than ever before. Everywhere Andrew went, I wasn't far behind spraying everything he touched. So far so good....the rest of us have escaped his bug! This week I even had to get my floor plan drawing software out of mothballs and draw up 2 plans. The keyboard shortcuts in QuickCAD came flooding back to me!

I have a couple of new element packs in my store this week......Stamp Frames 2 and Simple Masks. These are necessities that everyone needs in their scrap stash.

....and here are a couple of layouts to see the masks at work. I used my Spring Showers kit for the first one....

...and Essential Spring for this second page.

Now for a little treat....two mini stamp frames (with and without shadows)....enjoy!

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Template 70...and busy weekends coming!

The weekends on our winter calender are filling fast. We will have two boys playing soccer and one refereeing (all at different locations) each Saturday. Then on Sundays, the boys are in 3 different pedal prix teams, which practice at different times.....and Matthew will also have his club soccer game! It makes me tired just thinking about all the running around. I thought last year's schedule was busy...but this year is going to be busier! At least I can find time to design and scrap while the boys are at school.

Here's a new template I made today (great for P365) .

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Monday, March 23, 2009

Week 11 of P365....and another clustered frame!

It's that time of the week again....another P365 week is complete!
Judging by the photos, it looks like it was Matthew's week....he features in four of them, and the 'donut' face was his creation.
Saturday the 21st was an interesting day! Matthew had a mild case of heat stroke from sports day the day before, Andrew was coughing and spluttering, and I got an infection from last week's wisdom tooth extraction! Thank goodness for pain meds!

I have scrapped one of my favourite Easter photos of Matthew using my Essential Spring kit...

...and here is a clustered frame I have put together using the kit.

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Friday, March 20, 2009

New Essential Spring and Template 69

I have had an interesting week. I had a wisdom tooth pulled on my mouth is quite sore and my face is swollen!
Today I watched my 11th sports day at the primary school (only one more year to go). With only Matthew there this year, I didn't have to walk around as much. I actually took a chair and had a relaxing day... and only took 210 photos!
Our house has won the last five years....but today we only managed to come 3rd. At least we didn't come last. The winning house captains at the presentation were almost speechless because they still expected us to win.
Matthew had a great day and did many personal bests. The kids loved the tug of war...especially the one with parents versus kids!

Now onto my scrapping news.
My new kit - Essential Spring - and matching set of quickpages are now in the store. This kit is very versatile for many layouts...including Easter, with a few Easter eggs included.

Here's a little detail.

Lastly, I have a new template to share.

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

It's St Patricks Day!

Week 11 of P365....what can I say, another week has gone by so fast! At least I had a few easy days where I took lots of photos. The boys' special school activities always give me something to photograph. I resisted going to Glenelg to watch Justin compete in an inter-school beach volleyball competition because the weather wasn't very fact it was quite wet and cold! Not very nice for a beach day really! Unfortunately, the weather for Matthew's sports day this coming Friday has been forecast as hot! Last year I took around 400 photos...I don't think I will beat that this year with only one left at primary school.
Check out my photo of March 10...this sign has been on the wall in my kitchen for years. This is the motto I live by!

I haven't done many layouts in the last couple of weeks, but if you like extremely simple, you will like this one. I used a paper from Spring Showers and a border from my new Page Borders pack. My boys are actually sliding down a sandhill, and the paper blended beautifully with the sand colour.

Now for a little teaser of my new kit coming later in the week.

And last but not least, what should I give away for St Patricks Day? A lucky charm of course! My first freebie in March 2007 was actually a set of lucky charms.
This clustered frame was made from some elements out of my Forest Whispers kit.

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Saturday, March 14, 2009

New Page Borders and Lucky Stamp Frames

I was going to do this post yesterday, but was busy taking lots of photos of Matthew learning to wind surf at the beach. Then when I got home after school, I couldn't get on the computer.....and in the evening, I went out for tea with some friends. It was all too late by the time I got home. I will post some photos of Matthew's fun day at the beach soon....of course I took a few!

In the mean time, for those of you who missed my single lucky stamp frames....I have packaged them up with a couple of clusters, and you can now get them here in my shop.

Also new in the shop are these Page Borders. These would dress up any layout...especially when used on simple papers.

Here is a sampler from my Page Borders pack for you to try before you buy.

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Week 10 of P365 and Template 68

Ten weeks of P365 down....only 42 to go....and it's getting really hard on some days! Luckily over the next couple of weeks, the boys have some school aquatics and sports days coming up. These should give me a few thousand photos at least! The only problem is that on those days I can only use one photo!
This week I resorted to more drink photos...the first being a glass of bubbly after we ran out of wine. The second photo is of our carport gutter after we actually got some rain....too much for the gutters to handle because they are all still blocked with gunk from our neighbours' trees. Photo number 3 is what my morning coffee looks like every day. Photo 4 was taken during my quick trip into town last week....and shows the different building styles - old and new! The next two photos are of Matthew in his special new school windcheater that all year sixes and sevens get to wear, and his new soccer tracksuit jacket. The last one was taken at the Goolwa Wooden Boat festival which was held over the long weekend. There weren't as many boats or people this year because of the low water.

Here's another template for you all.....great for P365!

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Saturday, March 7, 2009

New SBB Collab 'Sprung'.....and Stamp Sheets

I know the seasons are about to change when cricket ends and soccer begins! This weekend signals the Saturday, then soccer Sunday! We don't even get one free weekend in between!

Just as we enter Autumn down under, the northern hemisphere enters Spring.
To signal the change of seasons, the designers at Scrapbook-Bytes have a new collab called Sprung.
This kit can be yours for free with a $10 order from any participating designers between March 6 and 13.

Here is a preview of the beautiful papers!

I did this layout last night. I was supposed to be out for a girls night....but I messed up the time and the date! Oh well....I got some more scrapping done instead! LOL

Here's a little freebie for you all. Stamp sheets with and without a shadow.

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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Lucky Stamp Frames

Today I went for a quick run into town.....and got reminded of why I don't go in much....I hate the city! It's far too busy for my liking! I went in to buy a new sun top because I couldn't find one in the suburbs....but trying to find one that is cut for a woman's shape is hopeless! I did take a couple of quick photos while I was there, so one may be today's photo for P365.

I have a couple of layouts to share today. This first one is Matthew with his fluffy toy called 'Dog'. That is what he wanted to call him! I used my Perfect Paws kit for this one.

This second layout was made with my Spring Showers kit...although I had to create the banner and plane because I couldn't find anything like this in my huge stash of digi supplies. The photo was taken while on a holiday to Kangaroo Island back in 2000.

St Patrick's Day is nearly I have made a couple of Lucky Stamp Frames to share.

Sorry link expired - these are now in my shop with a couple of extra frames.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Week 9 of P365 and Template 67

We had our first rain for the year this afternoon....and it was beautiful listening to it!

Week nine of P365 bites the dust! I have realised that I generally take at least one food photo each week because I can't think of anything else that day! The vanilla slice photo was taken on Friday Feb 27....and it's the best ever vanilla slice! Matthew had a pupil free day off school, so we grabbed one each while doing some shopping. I can't tell you which bakery, because if everyone knew, there would be no more left when we wanted some! One photo is of Matthew's mouth...just before he lost a very stubborn tooth. Then there are also the mandatory dog photos! One is sleepy Sally with her 'mini me', while the other is all action soccer dog!

I have a couple of recent layouts to share using my new Forest Whispers kit. The first photo was taken at Tully (near Cairns in tropical north Queensland) during our 2006 holiday. The gumboot symbolises the enormous amount of rain they get there.

This next photo was taken at a picnic on Matthew's 3rd birthday way back in 2000....

.....and today I have a new template to share...enjoy!

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