Thursday, April 30, 2009

Template 73 and a Sneak Peek!

National Scrapbook Day is nearly upon us again...boy how time flies! It really does seem no time at all since the last one! Because we have been away, and this week I have had a little cold, I haven't been able to get very organised for it. Consequently, I have extended my birthday sale until May 3rd! I will also have a new kit out, which will be 50% off until the end of the weekend.
Here's a little sneak peek for you. I am uploading now, so it should be in my store by tomorrow.

Below is the first layout I have done for 4 weeks. I used the new Scrapbook-Bytes collab - Urban Legend - which will be available free with a $10 purchase from May 1st.

And now I have another template for you all. This one can be used for P365 or simply for showcasing lots of photos.

Sorry link expired.

Monday, April 27, 2009

New Stamp Frames

I have finally caught up with my P365 photos and now have week 17 to share! The first three were taken in Penang. The monkey in the first photo scared the living daylights out of me when he swiped my arm as I tried to take a photo of his mate! It's a pity we didn't have our video rolling at the time! The next photo is Matthew trying to get a few extra minutes sleep on the plane by taking up 3 seats....of course, one of them was mine! The next photo was taken at home...during all the rain which basically started the second we arrived at our front door! The food photo shows our dinner which didn't have any rice or noodles....we had enough of those while we were away! And the last photo was taken after Matthew's soccer team won their game on Sunday.

I uploaded some goodies into my store today, and hope to have my next kit finished before NSD. If I can think of a name for it!
New today are Heart Stamp Clusters...

...Floral Stamp Frames....

....and some Outlined Masks - great for clipping photos or papers. Use them as journaling blocks too. These would be great for P365 for something a little different.

I have a couple of little sample stamp frames - one with hearts and one with flowers.

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Friday, April 24, 2009

A little freebie!

I would like to know who organised the cold, wet and wintry weather we got upon arriving home! I knew it would be a little cooler than when we left, but this is crazy!
We all enjoyed sleeping in our own beds last night....with us having between 11 and 13 hours sleep each! With one more good sleep tonight, I think everyone will be fighting fit tomorrow. I hope to even find time to work on my latest kit that I started before we left.

I have sorted out my photos for week 16 of P365....

...and I even have a little freebie for you all....some painted frames to match my Icing on the Cake kit....enjoy!

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Home and tired!

We arrived home early this morning after a long haul back from Penang via Singapore. Our flight from Singapore left around midnight (1.30am Adelaide time) and got in at 8am.. not a good time to fly! During this time we got fed twice and somehow managed to get around an hour's we all had a little catch up sleep this afternoon.
I was planning on creating a little freebie for my blog today, but it was all too hard to concentrate on designing! Come back tomorrow and I will definitely have something for you.
I did spend a few minutes sorting out my photos for week 15 of P365...and will get caught up on these over the next day or two.
It is a real challenge picking only one photo from each day. We averaged about 100 photos a day and took nearly 2 hours of video. It will take me ages to catch up on my video editing now!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Still Travelling...More Photos

Just a reminder that my birthday sale is still on over at Scrapbook Bytes.

The photo count on our holiday is now up around 1000 after 12 days away....and still climbing! How am I going to pick just one from each day for my Project 365? It's going to take ages to sort through them, then it will be almost impossible to choose!

Here's a just a few from the last couple of days. First up are some from fabulous Sunway Lagoon water and amusement park in Kuala Lumpur.....

....and here's some from where we are now - in Penang, Malaysia. Our resort is an absolute paradise, with beautiful lagoon pools which overlook the palm tree lined beach. We are a little water logged from hanging around the pool most of the day. It's going to be very hard when we have to leave to fly home! At least I didn't waste my time bringing my hair would have lasted seconds before giving in to the humidity!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Birthday Sale and Holiday Pics

Greetings from Kuala Lumpur! The humidity here takes a bit of getting used to.

Check out this amazing photo of the Petronas Towers that I took last night. They look a little spooky surrounded by clouds.

Here is a photo I took in Singapore on Friday night. It was fabulous dining at a hawker centre by the water and watching the city lights.

We also spent a day exploring picturesque Sentosa Island.

I hope everyone had an enjoyable Easter and did not eat too many chocolate eggs! Because we are overseas, chocolate eggs have been hard to find, so we haven't had any. It probably doesn't matter because we are eating lots of yummy things while we are away.

DH and I are both celebrating our birthdays today, so I am having a birthday sale in my shop. There are lots of bargains on recent kits, and many items in the close out section will be retired forever at the end of April.

Happy scrapping everyone.....catch you all soon!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Week 14 of P365...and Template 72

Week 14 of P365...a rather unadventurous week! I have photos of the boys playing on their go-kart, more choc chip muffins, a fish clock, 5 milk bottles, my computer screen, Matthew after his last cricket game this school term, and a clock because daylight saving ended today!
You are probably wondering why I photographed 5 milk bottles with our initials on them! Our household did a milk challenge....we each had a bottle to see who drinks all the milk! It was no great surprise that Andrew finished his first.
I have a few busy and exciting days coming up so I don't know when I will be able to post next....but I'll be back!!!

I have a few layouts to share inspire you to create your own pages.
The first two were done with my Icing on the Cake kit...and I also used my Simple Masks for the first one.

This next layout was done with Essential Spring and Stamp Frames 2.

I used the February Scrapbook-Bytes collab kit Rockin' Valentine and my Simple Masks on this one.

Now you have worked your way through my big can have a new template to play with...have fun!

Download here.

Friday, April 3, 2009

New Icing on the Cake

April is our busiest month for family birthdays, so it seems the right time to release another birthday kit - exactly one year after Birthday Inc comes Icing on the Cake! I needed birthday elements in bolder more boyish colours instead of pastels!

Some of the details.....

...a layout...

....and a bonus Icing on the Cake frame cluster to share today....enjoy!

Download here.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My P365 Template......and a sneak peek!

As I read about unseasonal spring blizzards in the northern hemisphere, we are have a late burst of heat! Yesterday we had the air-conditioner on and I could smell smoke. It wasn't ordinary smoke, it smelt like smokey BBQ! We then realised that the new neighbours were firing up a BBQ and the thick smoke was going directly into our air-conditioner on our roof. We had to turn the air-con off because the smell was so bad!

It's been a while since I showed some of the beautiful pages that my CT have been doing. This week I chose some layouts done with Power of Love and Spring Showers.

Now for a little peek at my new kit which should be out by the weekend (and just in time for the next Scrapbook-Bytes collab - Lullaby).

Katherine asked the other day....which template was I using for my P365 photos...the answer is here - Template 71! I have been planning to put this one on my blog for ages!

Download here.