Sunday, May 31, 2009

2 Year Anniversary SALE!

It's been two years since I started selling my scrapbook designs.
I'm not quite sure where those two years have gone, but I know the second year certainly went much quicker than the first!
I would like to thank all my wonderful customers, and Amy at Scrapbook-Bytes for running a fabulous site to sell at.
Scrapping styles have come and gone during this time, but one thing never changes...the desire to scrap the beautiful moments in your life! My designs are for just that - real scrappers!

To celebrate my 2 years, I am having a 20 - 60% off SALE!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Essence of Green & Pink....and Template 76

We have another set of new neighbours moving in tonight! This means all houses bordering our property have changed hands in only 6 months. The strangest thing is....each house has been sold during an open inspection....on weekends when we haven't been home! I guess they all thought their neighbours were quiet....I certainly hope the new ones are!

I have some new goodies in my store this week. If you love single colour kits, I have two new ones - Essence of Pink....

....and Essence of Green.

I also have some Simple Photo Borders which come with and without corner shadows. These were requested by my friend who sometimes didn't want to clutter her page with fancy frames...especially when there were multiple photos on a layout.

Also today, I have another clean and simple template to share.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Free Mini Kit - Morning Dew

The last few days have been busy as usual, but this time it wasn't just because of soccer. I enjoyed a girls night out on Friday, then spent the weekend celebrating the 21st birthday of my oldest niece Clare. On top of all that, I got a new PC to play with so I have been learning all about Vista - some good some bad! The speed of my new machine is amazing....but that's because I went from 512kb RAM to 8gb RAM! It's so fast that I can now work on 2 or 3 kits at the same time. Photoshop opens in seconds rather than minutes.

Another week has flown by for P365 - here is week 21.

I have a mini kit for you all today. The papers were from a kit I started a few months ago then forgot about and never finished. Since I have moved on to other projects, I thought I would share these with a few extra elements....enjoy!

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Bonus Everyday Moments Frames

It's been an interesting week around here this week. Andrew has been doing work experience for a building company so I haven't seen him in the mornings as he leaves home just after 6.30am. They are doing renovations in a supermarket and he is enjoying both the work and seeing how things work behind the scenes at the store. I have worked out that this compulsory work experience is to get the parents used to having grown up kids....not for the kids themselves to see how real jobs operate.
With Matthew being laid up because of his sore ankle, it has made for a very quiet week. His ankle luckily is on the improve so hopefully he will be fit for 2 soccer games on the weekend, and another round of soccer trials to make it into a combined school soccer team.

I have actually found some time to do some scrapping and have done a couple of pages with my Everyday Moments kit.

I also have a few simple frames to co-ordinate with my Everyday Moments kit.

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Monday, May 18, 2009

A busy weekend.....again!

This past weekend was one of our busiest during the year. The cause for the busy weekend.....lots of soccer and the first pedal prix race for the season.
Matthew however wasn't as busy as he was supposed to be! He sprained his ankle during his Saturday school soccer game, then was unable to play his Sunday cup round soccer game, or ride at pedal prix! My only free time for the weekend was taken up sitting in the doctor's waiting room on Saturday afternoon!
On Sunday we got to experience our first wet pedal prix! The weather forecast had been promising nice fine conditions all week, then late on Saturday they said there would be light morning rain. Well, it rained for most of the day and the kids had to ride on a wet track for 6 hours. You should have seen how muddy they all were after riding.
My boys' bikes both finished quite well, with Andrew's bike finishing12th in his category and 21st overall out of 152 bikes. Justin's bike finished 4th in his category and 24th overall....and was only 2 laps (around 4 minutes) behind 1st place!! So after 6 hours of riding, they were very close to a podium finish!

Let the race begin!

And yet another week of P365 has been is my week!

I have a slightly unusual new template to share today .... another one great for P365.

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Friday, May 15, 2009

New Everyday Moments

First of all, I would like to send birthday wishes to my brother Mark today.....but I won't embarrass him by giving away his age! I know we will all be that old one day! LOL

I would also like to thank everyone for their well wishes. My sore throat has degenerated into a pesky cold. What else can one expect when we are heading into winter! It's just one of those things that we all have to put up with from time to time.

Another extremely busy weekend is in front of us! Justin will play one game of soccer, Matthew will play two and Andrew will referee three. The first pedal prix race is also on Sunday.

Do you find yourself searching for just the right kit?
Sometimes a kit has the wrong colours or the wrong types of elements. I created my new kit Everyday Moments to be the kit I go to when I don't need a specific theme! This one will be perfect for all those precious everyday photos...and even for Project 365. With 20 papers and heaps of elements, you will be able to scrap many pages from one kit.

Here's some of the detail.

I also have a co-ordinating Bracket album....

....and a quickpage set.

Here is a small freebie which will co-ordinate with my new Everyday Moments kit.

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A frame and a sneak peek!

I hope everyone had a nice Mother's Day on Sunday.

I was planning to blog on Sunday but the day got away....then I was planning to blog on Monday, but a sore throat and lack of energy forced me to go to bed by 9pm! Usually I have to get dragged off the computer after 11pm!

So here are my photos from last week....although a little late!

I got a little disheartened on Saturday when I found yet another kit of mine (and hundreds of others) being shared at a particular site. I discovered it before anyone had downloaded it, but 3 days later, after sending 2 emails, it is still there and has now been downloaded over 100 times!
Then I see there are so many free kits and mini kits given away, it makes me wonder why anyone ever actually needs to buy anything!! So to all my customers, I say thank you and happy scrapping!

If you happen to be looking for something new, check out this little teaser of my new kit coming later in the week! This one is a little trickier to guess the theme!

Now I have a little frame cluster made with my Pearls and Lace kit .... I hope you enjoy it!

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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Template 74

Congratulations Matthew on finishing 3rd in your cross country race today.
With over 30 kids in his race, Matthew did exceptionally well at the inter-school event. The best he had done to date was finishing 7th, so he was rapt!
(I used one of my Simple Masks on this photo).

That's about all from me today.

With all the freebies that are around at the moment, a new template is probably needed ... so here is number 74 for you all...enjoy!

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Monday, May 4, 2009

Week 18 P365....and Brag Book Pages

I hope everyone had an enjoyable National Scrapbook Day on Saturday and picked up lots of bargains. Although I didn't have a freebie out specifically for the day, it would have got lost amongst the hundreds of other ones!
My weekend was so busy, I ran out of time to shop or least I got some photos to scrap later!
I managed to sort out my photos for Week 18 of Project 365. The week starts off with a room full of dirty shoes (and soccer boots). Actually, the week ended and they were still there! I went through lots of tissues because I had a head cold. There was the usual homework to be done. The boys found a really cool car mouse while in Malaysia, and it wasn't until we plugged it in that we realised it had headlights and tail lights. Justin played his first soccer game for the high school and although they lost the game, he scored 3 of the team's 4 goals. Matthew's club team on Sunday scored a nil all draw! It was one of the best junior soccer games I have ever watched...there was a lot of nail biting happening!
The week ended with the first pedal prix practice for the 2009 season. While riding his own bike, Justin was lucky not to break any bones when he flew over the handle bars! All he got was some scrapes and bruising.

With the busy weekend behind me, and the washing and vacuuming done, I found some time to create a couple of brag book pages from my Pearls and Lace kit. Hope you like them.

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Saturday, May 2, 2009

New Pearls and Lace....and SALE!

It's National Scrapbook Day here in Oz already, and our weekend is full of 6 soccer games, 1 soccer trial and 2 pedal prix practices! Yes, it's pedal prix time again, how time flies! Somewhere in between all these activities I will have to catch up on the happenings for NSD!

Come over to Scrapbook-bytes and get this awesome collab - Urban Legend - with any $10 purchase. If you have boys or teenagers, this kit is a must have!

As a total contrast to Urban Legend, here is my newest kit and quickpage set - Pearls and Lace - just in time for Mother's Day. You can get this kit for 50% off only until the end of the weekend!

...and lastly, the following goodies will be gone forever after the weekend!