Monday, September 28, 2009

No Place Like Home Clustered Frame

It's the first day of school holidays - again! They seem to roll around extremely fast. Unfortunately I didn't get to sleep in this morning because I got woken up by DH's alarm and didn't go back to sleep. At least I still have a couple more weeks to sleep in!
The weekend signaled the end to this year's soccer season, with Matthew's club presentation BBQ lunch on our wedding anniversary on Sunday.
DH and I got to have a quiet dinner out on Saturday evening for our anniversary, and discovered a fabulous new coffee shop where we indulged in dessert. It was the best dessert I have had in such a long time! The shop is Bracegirdles, and if you live in Adelaide you need to get to one of their 3 shops. Next time I will have to try one of their exquisite looking chocolates!

I have a couple of layouts to share today. This first one is done with Shades of Fall and Leaf Stamp Clusters and has photos of my 3 boys when they were all 7 months old - all looking very different.

This second layout was made with my No Place Like Home kit. Just a reminder, all my designs can now be found at Pickleberrypop.

Here's a little bonus clustered frame made with No Place Like Home.

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Friday, September 25, 2009

New - No Place Like Home....and Template 90

Well this week has been a little more relaxing than the last few. Except for those who live in Sydney! You must have all seen the amazing orange photos due to the huge dust storm on Wednesday. DH was delayed at Adelaide airport when they closed Sydney airport for an hour or so, then his plane had to circle for an extra hour while they waited for their turn to land.
I wish I was there with my camera....I probably would have taken a few hundred photos!

Today I have a new kit, quickpage set and brag book in my shop at Pickleberrypop - all 20% off until September 30. Also, put both the kit and brag book into your cart and get the brag book for free!

This kit is great for all your house photos. Whether it be your first home, a new house under construction, or just around your house and garden!

See what some of my CT have done with No Place Like Home.

And lastly for today, I have a home themed template to share - number 90!
Have a great weekend.

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Monday, September 21, 2009

Pedal Prix 24 Hour Race Over for Another Year

We all had another busy weekend at the annual 24 hour Pedal Prix....our 5th one! My boys rode really well for their 3 different teams, and luckily didn't get caught up in any crashes. It did keep us very busy running around from one pit to another. The weather couldn't have been better....fine and mild.

The race got underway at noon on Saturday....after a minute's silence to honour the rider who passed away at the 9 hour race in July. I would like to send my condolences to his family and friends.

This year we stayed on a houseboat so we had some comforts like electricity, a fridge, a bathroom and...........a coffee machine. It sounded like we had a herd of elephants on the roof when 5 teenage boys from Justin's team went upstairs to camp in their swags on Friday night!

There are many people involved with this sport that put in countless hours to run and support their teams and all do a magnificent job.

Here's the beautiful view of the River Murray we woke up to in the morning.

The race is underway.

Two riders from Andrew's team slip streaming. Both bikes finished in the top 10 for the series of 3 races.

Justin's bike nearly gets nudged. His team finished 5th overall for the year in his category...out of over 60 bikes.

Matthew coming in to the pits after one of his rides. He rode the most laps in one stint on his bike.

There were always lots of rollovers and crashes at 'crash corner'. My DH marshalled on this corner and was kept busy.

After a tiring 24 hours....the race finished at noon on Sunday.

To keep with the racing theme of today's post, I made a racing flag to share.

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

2 Sales.....and Template 89

Our busiest (and most tiring) weekend of the year is almost upon us! When I next post here, hopefully I will have a few good photos to share.

Just a reminder that I have two consecutive SALES going on right now. My grand opening SALE at Pickleberrypop and my retiring products SALE at Scrapbook-Bytes! Lots of bargains to buy until September 21!

Check out the fabulous layouts my CT girls have done with my latest kit, Shades of Fall.

Now if you are still going with P365, I have a new template for you. Sadly, I gave up around 4 weeks ago!

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Monday, September 14, 2009

I'm Now Open at Pickleberrypop!

I am very excited to announce that my new shop has opened at Pickleberrypop ... and of course to celebrate, I am having a sale!

Just released is my new kit, Shades of Fall, a matching set of quickpages and two new stamp cluster sets. The kit was designed to be very versatile for a variety of pages...I know how much everyone loves stamp clusters, so I had to design a few more!

Here's a little clustered frame to sample!

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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Template 88....and a sneak peek!

I have had such a busy week getting organised for my new store which hopefully will be open around the middle of next week. Stay tuned for an announcement in my next blog post as to where I am going!
This weekend marks the end of the soccer season. Justin played his last school game today, which was followed by a BBQ lunch, parent vs kids friendly game, and a trophy presentation. The weather was perfect and it felt more like summer than spring!
Tomorrow, Matthew plays his last game for the year, and his team will be competing for an overall 4th place on the ladder!

I have a new kit coming....and here's a little teaser for you.....

To get your creative juices flowing, I have another new template to share - number 88!

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Lindsay Jane is moving!

I haven't had much time to post here over the last few days because I have been busy repackaging and getting organised for my new shop.

My Scrapbook-Bytes store is closing on September 21st, so if there is anything you have been wanting and it's marked down in price, buy it now be fore it's gone.

Stay tuned to see where I am going!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Template 87

I sit here with my Southern Comfort and lemonade with our dog, Sally, sleeping behind me on her rug. She had a rough time of it this afternoon. DH took two of the boys to pedal prix training and Sally went along for the ride to have a run around. She had a great time until two German shepherds running free decided that after an initial sniff around her that they wanted to get snarly. One of them starting having a go at Sally (who was on a lead) and she lost a little bit of fur and is now tender in a couple of spots. The other dogs' owner nonchalantly wandered over and took his dogs away without a word of apology. Later, DH saw the same dogs chasing another dog at least 200 metres away from their owner. Some people don't deserve to own dogs.

I had a much less eventful afternoon baking a banana cake and then making home-made pizzas for tea. However, I won't need to cook tomorrow as it's Fathers Day and after a morning of soccer, we will be going to my in-laws for a late lunch of finger food. I doubt we will need much for tea tomorrow night as there will no doubt be plenty of food for lunch.

After this weekend, we only have one more week of soccer. The following weekend will be the 24 hour pedal prix race and then hopefully we can kick back and relax for a few weeks before cricket starts.

And now I have a new template to share in case anyone needs some scrapping inspiration.

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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Quickpage SALE and a Free Stamp Cluster!

Yeah, it's officially Spring here in Oz!

To celebrate, you can get all my quickpages
for 40-60% off until September 7th!
Only at Scrapbook-Bytes.

It's been ages since I made a stamp cluster sampler to share, so here is a new one for you all...enjoy!

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