Friday, October 30, 2009

New - Girls 'R' Us....and a Pink Sale!

It's Friday night, it's hot and I just had my first swim for the season....and it was so good!
Matthew kept me company today because he was home on a pupil free day. Our dog had company yesterday, in the form of a blue tongue lizard! I think it finally got away when I managed to tie Sally up! I don't think she wanted to eat it, just play with it.

Now onto my new goodies in the shop.

Firstly I have a new kit - Girls 'R' Us - available at Pickleberrypop and A Cherry on Top. This very pink kit is great for girls of all ages...from toddler to teen to adult!

And there is also a matching set of quickpages at PBP and ACOT.

Looking for inspiration? Here's a few awesome layouts.

And if you are into pink.....I have good news for you!
I'm having a PINK sale!

And lastly, I have a bonus frame cluster to share. Enjoy your weekend!

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Template 94.....and a new sneak peek!

Our weather is slowly heating up for summer and our first swim for the season might even happen on the weekend. My boys are all riding in a charity fundraiser on Sunday and the forecast is hot! Why did the heat have to start on Sunday? Monday would have been much better!
I have some CT layouts to show off today. I am always amazed when I see the fabulous pages that are created with my designs. The first 4 are all made with my Boys R Us kit which you can get at Pickleberrypop or A Cherry on Top.

The layouts below are done with October Magic, October Magic Add On, No Place Like Home and Cooked to Perfection. As you can see, No Place Like Home and Cooked to Perfection layouts look great side by side.

Check out what's coming out on Friday! I guess it's pretty obvious it's girly!

My last order of business today....a new template (number 94).

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Friday, October 23, 2009

New Hanging Frames

In between shopping and having coffee out today, I made a fun set of hanging frames. The set even comes with some ribbons and wires to hang the frames....and some fasteners (brads, stitches and a staple).

Some of the close up details.

Here's a quick layout I made with the Hanging Frames and Perfect Paws to show one of the frames in action.

And here's a couple of extra frames for you to try.

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Template 93

We had a sport free day on Sunday, so we were able to head out for lunch with the in-laws to celebrate their 51st wedding anniversary. The weather was perfect for the drive through the hills to picturesque Hahndorf. After a rather large buffet lunch we all needed to go for a leisurely stroll around the main street. There were many chocolate and lolly shops, but of course we were all too full to need any!

I saw this sign and had to take a photo because my designs are at Pickleberrypop!

The boys needed to burn off some excess energy once we got home, so I guess the swimming season is officially on....for them at least! The water temperature needs to be heaps warmer for me than the 19C (66F) water that they were swimming in.

For those of you experiencing autumn/'s a new template just for you!

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Friday, October 16, 2009

New - Boys 'R' Us

I have some new goodies in my stores, and all are 25% off!
If you looked at my sneak peek the other day and guessed it was a boy kit, you are spot on! This kit will work for boys of any age...from toddlers to adults.

(Pickleberrypop and A Cherry on Top)

There is also a co-ordinating quickpage set.....
(Pickleberrypop and A Cherry on Top)

....and some Mixed Stamp Clusters.
(Pickleberrypop and A Cherry on Top)

I have some layouts that my CT and I have done with Boys 'R' Us.

Here's a little bonus cluster of frames.

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Sneak Peek....and Bonus Brag Book Pages!

I think it's supposed to be Spring here Down Under....but you wouldn't know it! The wild stormy and cold days are worse than we get on most Winter days. Roll on Summer!
My boys all reluctantly went back to school this week after having a relaxing 2 week break, so I have my peace and quiet back during the day! Now I need to start Christmas shopping.
This week my taxi service is busy with cricket, soccer trials, cricket, soccer trials....and more soccer trials. That about sums up my week.

Here's a little peek at what's inside my new kit coming at the end of the week! I think if you look closely you will work out the theme for this one.

I have a set of No Place Like Home Brag Book pages in my Pickleberrypop Store, and I created a couple of extra ones to share....enjoy!

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Friday, October 9, 2009

School Vacation Ends....and Template 92

It's been a lazy week in our house this week, with everyone except DH having big sleep-ins. My boys were keeping typical teenage hours - couldn't get them to bed at night, then couldn't get them out of bed in the morning! It seems no time at all since they were little toddlers and were running around the house screaming in the early hours of the morning! My how times change!

This week also signaled the start of soccer trials for next year's teams. It's a very trying time for the kids and parents while we all play a waiting game.

I have been very busy loading up my second store - A Cherry on Top. It's going to take a while to get everything in there, but my shop is slowly building. Everything will be on special during the whole month of October. Don't forget that some of my older products which were going to be retired have made their way there. Even my old Memories kit is there because I have had quite a few requests for it.

Meanwhile, I have a new template to share today. I hope you all have a great weekend!

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Long weekend away....and some pumpkins!

We got to enjoy a long weekend away....which would have been even more relaxing if the little yappy dog next door didn't bark almost constantly! The owners were away so that was extremely annoying!

The good news is that the water level has risen about 4 feet since we were last at Goolwa in March. This is only partly because of the good winter rains we have had this year. The main reason is because the upper lake has been blocked off to control the water.

Here's the contrasting photos taken in March...

...and October! What a difference!

DH has been wanting to drive along the beach for years since we got our 4WD, but we were reluctant in case we got stuck! Over the weekend we went for our first drive with two other families so that we had safety in numbers. One of the other drivers had a winch in case it was needed. We set off in convoy and of course who got stuck in the sand.....we did! Luckily we had a walkie talkie and were able to call the others back who were out of sight. After letting more air out of the tyres, and a little digging, we were on our way again. Once at our destination, all the boys had a wonderful time playing in the sand hills.

I had some fun playing around with pumpkin shapes to see what I could come up with....the result is a variety of pumpkins to share!

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Thursday, October 1, 2009

New Halloween Items....and Template 91

I have had an interesting couple of days with our fickle internet connection. Firstly, our provider changed our setting from broadband to dial up! Then when I got on the phone to them, they told me the problem was between our modem and PC. Two seconds later, they said they could fix it at their end...go figure! They must have thought that I was blond or something! LOL Actually, this morning I was.....then I got out the hair colour and forgot to set a timer! Now I'm much darker than I planned!

So finally, I was able to upload some goodies into my stores! Yes that's right, you read 'stores' in 2! I have just opened a second store at A Cherry on Top, which will have a few of my older kits I was planning to retire and also my newer kits (although it may take me quite a few days to upload them all).

New today in my Pickleberrypop store are some October Magic extras - a mini kit add-on and a set of stamp clusters. I also have put together an October Magic Collection for those seeking a bargain.

Here's a closer look at the detail.

Template 91 coming up!

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