Saturday, February 26, 2011

SALE. Sneak Peek, New Packs and Bonus Frames

After 16 days of resting the ankle, I have been told that one of the ligaments has snapped totally in half! Now I have to wait to see a specialist at the hospital so they can work out what the next step of treatment is going to be. During the last 16 days I have been annoyed by my injury, now I am angry that it's not going to be healed quickly!
The only upside is heaps and heaps of computer time! I just have to make sure I don't waste too much time surfing aimlessly around the net, and do more constructive designing, layouts or home video editing (still doing June 2010). Perhaps even some total rest time watching some TV.

I have one reason to celebrate.....this month marks 4 years since I discovered digi! Four years since I was in my local library and picked up a book on digital scrapbooking. I am still as passionate today as I was 4 years ago when I was learning about it. I have learnt so much about the art of scrapbooking and about my favourite computer program....Photoshop!

Come over to my Pickleberrypop and Gotta Pixel stores and enjoy 40% off everything until February 28th.

Next week is going to be a very busy week for me. On March 1st I have this coming out during a special event at Gotta Pixel.....

...then on March 4 I will have something else.....somewhere a guest spot!

I also have a couple of new packs in my stores today - Everyday Life Plaid Papers and Everyday Life Paper Frames.

@ Pickleberrypop and Gotta Pixel

@ Pickleberrypop and Gotta Pixel

Here's a few bonus triple paper frames that co-ordinate with my Everyday Life Collection.

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Monday, February 21, 2011

Everyday Life Flower Papers Sample

I hope everyone had a great weekend, and those of you who are lucky enough to have a long weekend are still enjoying it.

Thanks to everyone for their well wishes for a speedy recovery of my ankle. Today I went back to the doctor and I am going to have it x-rayed again along with an ultrasound. Once they know exactly whats going on I will eventually be able to start some physiotherapy.

I finally got around to putting together week 7 of's my pages.

And here's my first 3 days of week 8.....
Look at this beautiful birthday cake my friend had at her party? It was a dress up 'p' party. I ended up going as a patient with my crutches!

We had a simple BBQ on Sunday night and this is what Matthew created! It was a 'burger' made of 2 chicken/veg patties with bacon, fritz, onion and pineapple inside, topped with bucket loads of gherkins! It's pretty much the only green food he loves!

Now to today......look at our backyard! Finally our landscaping is started, and it might even be finished by the end of the week. Tomorrow they are working on the steps. Guess what my P365 photos are going to be for the rest of the week.

It's been ages since I gave a away a some paper samples, so today I designed a couple of bonus Everyday Life Flower Papers to co-ordinate with these paper below.

You can get these papers at Pickleberrypop and Gotta Pixel.

Enjoy the sample!

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Everyday Life Papers, Border Masks 3 and more...

I have come to realise that my ankle is not going to fix itself in only a few days! It's been 8 days already and it is still quite bruised, swollen and sore. Although I am able to get lots of designing done, I am starting to get quite frustrated that it's not healing faster!

It's also getting tricky to find an interesting photo a day when some days I am confined to the house. Here's my pages from week 6. I used P365 Template 1 again for this one.

My Over the Rainbow collection - kit, embossed papers, frames and borders are now also available at Pickleberrypop.

New to both stores today are 3 packs of Everyday Life papers (for P365) - 30% off for a limited time.

@ Pickleberrypop and Gotta Pixel

@ Pickleberrypop and Gotta Pixel

@ Pickleberrypop and Gotta Pixel

I had a few requests for some doodled borders like the one I am using on my P365 photos, so I created a set with 5 shapes.

@ Pickleberrypop and Gotta Pixel

Lastly today, I have a new set of border masks.

@ Pickleberrypop and Gotta Pixel

I made an extra border mask for you to use (personal use only).

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Saturday, February 12, 2011

New GGI - Over the Rainbow...and 40% SALE

I was planning to blog a couple of days ago....but I had a little accident and slipped down some stairs. I spent nearly 4 hours in the hospital and the doctors were amazed that my ankle wasn't broken....just severely sprained!

Here's my P365 photos from the last 3 days....

I have never seen a bruise so big....and it's still growing 3 days later!
So I am on crutches for a few days and after only 1 day I have had enough of them! I don't know how people cope on them for weeks!
DH was away on business at the time, but I was lucky my oldest son was home from school early and that he can drive. He was able to collect his brothers from school and the orthodontist. I was heading to the car to do the school run when it happened.

I have tons of stuff to blog about because it's been a few days.

Both my stores at Pickleberrypop and Gotta Pixel are having Valentine's Day sales of 40% off.

It's Gotta Grab It time at Gotta Pixel, so I have 4 packs for only $1 each. I love how this collection turned out.

There's also some co-ordinating clustered frames and clustered borders.

I made an extra clustered frame to share. Hope everyone has a great weekend. Next week I will have some new Everyday Life P365 goodies in my stores.

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Monday, February 7, 2011

New Templates....and a Sneak Peek

I hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend, whether it be in the heat, the snow, or watching the Super Bowl. We actually had a break from the intense heat that we had last week.
I should have resumed painting two kids' bedrooms because it was cooler, but they were too messy to get into! Perhaps tomorrow.

For anyone doing P365, I have some new templates in my stores.
Firstly I have a new 2-pager...

@ Pickleberrypop and Gotta Pixel

and I also have a set of 7 Days a Week templates.

@ Pickleberrypop and Gotta Pixel

I took my day 38 photo at the beach this evening while my son had pre-season soccer training.

Here's a little peek at what's coming Feb 12th!

Valentine's Day is getting closer, and if you are looking for the perfect kit to scrap the occasion...look no further!
Unconditional Love collab with Lorie M is still on sale for 20% off.

I also have a new set of embossed edge papers to co-ordinate with the collection.

And I made an extra clustered frame to share....enjoy!

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Friday, February 4, 2011

Unconditional Love - Collab with Lorie M

February is collaboration month at Gotta Pixel, and I had the great pleasure of working with Lorie M.

Here's what we came up with....

You can buy the kit.....or the bundle which includes frames, borders, wordart and templates.
20% off for one week only.

Some details....

and some inspiration.

If you go over to Lorie's blog you will find this beautiful free wordart. I will be back with something extra next week.

Still going with P365? Here's my last few days. I used a new template pack which will be out next week.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011 fixed!!!

If you downloaded yesterday's Turn up the Heat clustered frame, you may want to grab it again. Silly me left the frame out of the zip!

I wondered why the file size was so small when I uploaded it!