Saturday, July 28, 2012

New Simple with PNG files

I have had many requests for my Simple Set Templates and Simple Stack Templates to be made available in PNG format.

All template packs are 33% off for short time.

I have 2 new template packs in store - Simple Stack 6 and Simple Set 7.

 At Gotta Pixel and Pickleberrypop

At Gotta Pixel and Pickleberrypop

My Creative Team keep making the most beautiful pages, here's some made with my new templates.

 Here's an extra Simple Template I made to share....enjoy!

Sorry download expired.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hot Deal on Sea Breeze....Templates in PNG Format

I have had many requests for my Simple Templates to be available in png format.  Until now they have only been in psd and tif format.  I am in the process of adding the png files to my Pickleberrypop and Gotta Pixel stores.  All the Simple Set Templates (except Mix 1) now have the png files included and are 33% off until July 31.  As soon as I can I will get the png files added to the Simple Stack Templates.  Look out for some brand new templates on Friday!

It's time for a new hot deal....this week get Sea Breeze for 50% off...only until July 29, at Gotta Pixel and Pickleberrypop.

Here's a quickpage I made to share with you all!
Sorry download expired.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

New Bold and Beautiful in the Pickle Barrel

I am a day late posting because the winter bugs finally caught me and I wasn't up to doing much yesterday!  I am sure you all know a cold zaps your energy.

The Pickle Barrel opened yesterday and I have 6 new Bold and Beautiful packs at Pickleberrypop.  Each pack is only $1 until July 18th.

Look at these beautiful pages my creative team have made.  I love how this bold color combo makes layouts jump right off the page!

There is only one more day to get my 7 Gotta Grab It packs (At the Beach) for only $1 be quick.

Here's a few extra Bold and Beautiful papers.
Sorry download expired.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

New GGI At the Beach......and a sneak peek

It's my favorite time of the month again ...... Gotta Grab It.
I have a new summer collection out today (At the Beach), which is where I would love to be but we are in the middle of winter here Down Under.

There are 7 new packs for only $1 each but only until July 17.

Look at these beautiful pages my creative team have made.  Beach layouts have always been my favorite type of pages to make.  Kids always look happy while playing at the beach.

I also have another sneak peek for you.

Here's some water splashes to use on any summer water fun page (or even a bath time page).
Sorry download expired.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

New Glitter Borders, templates and a sneak peek

Something strange happened at our house last Sunday night.  I heard a couple of noises outside in the evening, but didn't look because I thought it was just our neighbors, and I didn't want to appear 'nosy'!  Then just as I was about to climb into bed, I heard another noise.  This time it sounded like metal being scraped on the road.  My first thought was it sounded like our trampoline which we keep out in the front yard.  I peeked out through the glass in our front door and I couldn't see the trampoline.  I opened the door and was shocked to see someone had moved it into the middle of our road!  It felt like I was dreaming when I yelled out to my boys that the trampoline was in the middle of the road!  Luckily we moved it before anyone could drive into it.  We presume it was done by some stupid kids as a prank.  Every morning now I look out the window to see if it's still in our yard.

Who loves Gotta Grab It?  It's nearly that fabulous time of the month.  Here's a little peek at what's going to be in my Gotta Pixel store....

I have just put some templates in my Gotta Pixel and Pickleberrypop stores.  These are templates that were here on my blog.  So if you missed any of these, you can get them now.  They are 33% off for a limited time.

I also have some new glitter borders in store.  These borders always seem to be very popular when I give them away here, so I made 2 sets (10 in each).  There's a bright pack and a pastel pack.  They are 25% off for a limited time, and they are a great way to add a little bling to your page.
Get them at Gotta Pixel and Pickleberrypop.

Here's an extra glitter border I made for you to sample.

Sorry download expired.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

New Color My World Greenish and more simple templates

I tried doing my blog yesterday but Blogger wasn't being very co-operative and it wouldn't let me post or save.  It wasn't being very user friendly at all, but luckily today it seems to be working fine!

I have another Color My World collection available at my Gotta Pixel and Pickleberrypop stores.  This new collection is a little greenish....and is 50% off until July 9!

I also have some more new simple templates in store for 33% off.   I went around in circles making these sets! LOL
Simple Stack 5 (Gotta Pixel and Pickleberrypop)

Simple Set 6 (Gotta Pixel and Pickleberrypop)

Here's an extra template I made to share.  If you missed any of my other recent templates, some will soon be available in my stores.
Sorry download expired.  Will be available in store soon.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A new sneak peek, a hot deal on stars.....and some free scallops!

I hope all my blog readers from the US have a great July 4th.  I am sure there will be no shortage of fireworks around in the evening.
My hot deal this week is on masks (GP and PBP), star borders (GP and PBP) and border mats stars (GP and PBP)......50% off each pack!

I have a new sneak peek.....but there is more than just a collection this week, there are some fun new templates coming too!

I made some scallops to use with my Stars and Stripes kit.  Stars and Stripes can be found at Gotta Pixel and Pickleberrypop and is also still on special for 50% off until July 6th.

Sorry link expired.