Sunday, September 30, 2012

Color My World Fawnish and a Retiring Sale

I have a new Color My World (Fawnish) collection in my Pickleberrypop and Gotta Pixel stores.
You can get the Fawnish kit or Apricot, Latte or Mocha mini kits for 30% off

Here's some inspiration.

Don't forget about my daily download over at Gotta Pixel until Oct 6.

I also have a few retiring packs....but you need to be quick.  They will be gone from Gotta Pixel after the end of the month.  Here's just a few packs.  Check in store for many more.
Here's a few extra papers to use with Color My World Fawnish.....enjoy!
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Thursday, September 27, 2012

New templates and a few bonus things

I am featured designer over at Gotta Pixel, and I have made this mini kit to give away as a daily download.  You won't want to miss a day!  Get day 1 of Bluebird now, and don't forget to check each day for the next 10 days to collect every piece.
Both my Pickleberrypop and Gotta Pixel stores are on sale for 30% off for 10 days during my spotlight.

I have some new fun templates in store.  I had a great time building these new templates brick by brick!  You can have fun making the bricks any color you want by clipping different papers to them.
You can find these unique templates at my Pickleberrypop and Gotta Pixel stores.

Here's a few layouts for inspiration.  All my simple templates make scrapbooking a breeze!
These layouts were made with Dog Days, Spooky Halloween, Love Birds and Tool Time kits.
I made a page of my wedding which was 26 years ago today.  I used my Flower Garden kit.

Here's a very quick sneak peek because it's nearly the 28th here already.
Here's a few extra embossed papers to use with Party Boy and Party Girl.
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Friday, September 21, 2012

Party Boy and Party Girl Extra Packs

Party Boy and Party Girl are now available as full kits or a collection.  There are also co-ordinating embossed papers, borders and scatterz.  So if you picked up any packs in the Pickle Barrel, you may want to check out the extra packs which are now at Pickleberrypop and Gotta Pixel.

Here's some extra frames which can be used with Party Boy and Party Girl.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Party Boy and Party Girl in the Pickle Barrel

Last week I told you about the upcoming 24 hour Pedal Prix race....well it didn't go quite as planned!
My son Andrew ended up breaking an ankle when his bike got pushed into a steel post.  His foot came out of the pedal and he must have knocked it when his bike rolled a couple of times.  The bike got fixed and the team finished 15 out of 215 bikes.  They also won the best presented team.  Andrew only got to do 9 laps and the race was only 4 hours old when his race finished abruptly.  This year there seemed to me many more injuries than other years.  I guess that's because the bikes are getting faster, and the slow riders do not keep left.  So now I have a bored 18 year old at home for a few weeks, who can't work, referee, drive to go to uni!  Sadly he will now also miss out on a soccer carnival interstate that he was chosen to referee at in two weeks.
The bike looked so good this year....and it went smooth and fast.  This was the last photo I got before Andrew crashed about 20 seconds later.
The Pickle Barrel has opened and I have 6 packs for only $1 each in there.
Party Boy and Party Girl - available only until September 19 at these prices.

Look at all these fun pages.

Here's a few extra papers that co-ordinate with Party Boy and party Girl.
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Friday, September 14, 2012

New Templates - Set 9 and Stack 8......and 2 sneak peeks

For those of you who have been reading my blog for years, you might remember me mentioning the annual Pedal Prix 24 hour race.  Well guess's that time of the year again!  You wouldn't believe how quickly it rolls around to mid September and the race is on again.  It runs from midday Saturday to midday Sunday, and teams of around 10 have to keep their 3 wheeled bike going for 24 hours.  This year there are 218 bikes going around the track which is about 2.4 kilometres long.
Here's a photo from the start of the 6 hour race back in July.

If you missed my Dog Days during the Gotta Grab It promotion, you can now get the kit or collection for 30% off at Gotta Pixel and Pickleberrrypop.

I also have some new simple template packs - Set 9 and Stack 8.  These are on sale for 33% off for a limited time.
At Gotta Pixel and Pickleberrypop

At Gotta Pixel and Pickleberrypop

Look at these awesome pages my CT made with the templates.

It's nearly Pickle Barrel time at Pickleberrypop and this month I have 2 sneak peeks!
Finally, here's a bonus simple template I made to share to make your scrapbooking super fast.  Hope you all have a great weekend.

 Sorry link expired.  This template will be in store soon.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Last Day Gotta Grab It and $2 kits

Today is the last day of Gotta Grab It at Gotta Pixel.  It's your last chance to get my 7 Dog Days packs for only $1 each!

I also have 2 kits marked down to $2 each for one day only.....Girlish and Girl Power.

Here's a few extra papers I made to use with Dog Days collection.  You can use these papers for cats too!
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Saturday, September 8, 2012

New Dog Days - Gotta Grab It

It's Gotta Grab It time quickly does each month go?  Christmas stuff is already starting to show up in supermarkets.
This month I have a new collection for all those cute furry friends we have.....our dogs.
Get Dog Days for only $1 each pack.  There are 7 packs and this price is only until September 11.

Here's some beautiful inspiration.  Aren't all these dogs and kids so cute?

I love using simple templates for quick scrapping, so I made a new one to share.  If you are looking for more, I have many in my Gotta Pixel and Pickleberrypop stores.  Remember they all come with psd, tif and png files now.
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